Which Sister Wives kids have moved out and who still lives at home?

How many Sister Wives kids have left home?
There are a total of 18 Sister Wives children and two grandchildren. Pic credit: TLC/Joe Pugliese

Sister Wives fans want to know which kids have moved out and who still lives at home as they continue to have high hopes for Season 15.

The Brown family tree is complicated. First, there is Kody Brown and his four wives. They are Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Meri, and Robyn. Although Meri has distanced herself from the Brown family and Christine hasn’t been spotted with Kody in months, they are all still considered part of Sister Wives family to fans.

As the Brown children get older, it is time to take a look at who lives at home and who has moved out.

Children that have left the nest

Logan, the oldest child in the Brown family, has been out of the house since he left for college. Janelle and Kody’s son went to UNLV, where he met his fiancé Michelle Petty. They still live in Nevada.

Aspyn is the oldest child of Kody and Christine. She married Mitch Thompson in 2018 in Sandy, Utah, where the couple still resides today.

Mariah, the only daughter of Meri and Kody, has also left the nest. She lives in Chicago with her fiancé Audrey Kriss and is currently attending graduate school.


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Maddie is the daughter of Janelle and Kody. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, Caleb Brush, and their two children, Axel and Evie. Maddie’s kids are the only grandchildren in the Brown family as of now.

Mykelti is the second child of Christine and Kody. She wed husband Tony Padron, whom she called the great love of her life in 2016. They live in Utah.

Hunter is the second son of Kody and Janelle. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy last spring and is enrolled at Johns Hopkins to earn his Masters Degree.

Garrison is another son of Janelle and Kody. He joined Nevada National Guard right out of high school. Garrison, whose full name is Robert Garrison, is also in college at the College of Southern Nevada.

Paedon is the third child of Kody and Christine. The young man is currently enlisted in the Army.

Eight of the Brown children no longer live at home.

Brown children that live at home

Dayton — he is on the autism spectrum — is currently attending the University of Arizona but lives at home. He is Robyn’s son from a previous marriage that Kody adopted.

Gabriel is in college at Northern Arizona University and lives at home too. He is Janelle and Kody’s son.

Aurora graduated from high school this past spring. She is Robyn’s daughter from her first marriage that Kody also adopted. Aurora is also in college but lives at home, although she has not shared which school she attends.

Gwendlyn recently graduated high school too. She is Kody and Christine’s daughter. She has not indicated her college plans but does still lives at home.

Christine and Kody’s two other daughters, Ysabel and Truly, plus Janelle and Kody’s daughter Savanah, live at home. Rounding out the kids at home are Robyn and Kody’s kids. They are son Solomon and daughters Breanna, who is from Robyn’s first marriage that Kody adopted, and Ariella.

The count of Brown children who still live at home is 10. Although that could change soon, since Gwendlyn, Aurora, Gabriel, and Dayton are all out of high school.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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