Which Duggar family members have talked to Josh Duggar while he awaits sentencing?

Josh Duggar talking to Jim Bod Duggar.
Josh Duggar is getting plenty of phone time in jail. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar may be in jail awaiting sentencing, but he is still getting to talk with family quite a bit.

He has been behind bars since December 9, 2021, which is a little over a month.

While it isn’t shocking that his wife, Anna Duggar, has frequently been in contact with him, some of the other names on the call log from jail are a bit surprising.

Who has Josh Duggar been in contact with in the Duggar family?

According to call logs obtained by The Sun, Josh Duggar has spoken to a couple of his family members since being remanded into custody last month.

Anna Duggar has been a frequent caller, speaking to her husband sometimes multiple times a day. She spoke to him through the holiday season, making sure to have at least one call on each holiday.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar both talked to Josh Duggar, but separately. He spoke to them for several minutes at a time, mainly around the Christmas holiday.

Josh Duggar also reached out to his brother, Jedidiah Duggar. This is interesting because, during the trial, Jed was listed as a potential witness. He was never called, though.

Those were the only Duggar family members who have spoken to Josh over the last month, but that isn’t everyone he’s talked to while in jail.

Call logs indicate that aside from his attorney, Travis Story, Josh was also in contact with Anna’s brother-in-law, David Waller, and the Spiveys, Robert and Hilary.

The connection between Josh and Robert and Hilary Spivey is interesting because they are relatively new Duggar family friends. Their daughter, Claire, is married to Justin Duggar. They were present at the trial, though, so there is likely more to the story than outsiders know.

Josh Duggar’s sisters snub him

There weren’t any calls to Josh’s sisters at all. That isn’t surprising, though.

Anna Duggar is reportedly angry at the Duggar sisters for speaking out after Josh’s conviction. Many of them were harsh and straightforward in their belief that the conviction was warranted. Jessa Duggar is the only sister who didn’t attack Josh in any way, which likely means her relationship with her sister-in-law is still intact.

This is all still fresh for the family, and as of now, there is no resolve because no one knows what the future holds, including Anna herself.

Josh Duggar is currently awaiting sentencing while in the Washington County Correctional Facility.

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