Where are Molly and Jonathan from Married at First Sight Season 6 now?

Molly and Jonathan tense up on the couch during a counseling session
Molly gets exposed by Jonathan’s secret footage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Typically, on Married at First Sight, candidates either find love with the person they were matched with or they end up single and divorced. 

However, that wasn’t the case for MAFS Season 6 star, Jonathan Francetic. 

Jon’s marriage to Molly may have not worked out, but Jon still found love within the MAFS franchise. 

In one of the most surprising twists in MAFS history, Jonathan ended up falling in love and marrying Dr. Jessica, the former MAFS expert who counseled Jonathan and Molly during their draining marriage. 

Jonathan and Molly explode on and off camera 

Throughout Jon and Molly’s marriage, they had hardly any good times. They found each other physically attractive on the wedding day for the most part and their families hit it off after the wedding day, but the negatives in their relationship far outweighed the positive. 

Jon felt he was constantly receiving mixed signals from Molly and didn’t get why they were moving so slow. Molly stated that she was turned off by Jon, perceiving him to be a “man-child”.

Molly was not affectionate with Jon on camera and, according to Jon, she was even colder off-camera, leading Jon to secretly record Molly while she was outright bullying him and calling him disgusting. 

In one of the most memorable expert sessions, Jon played the secret video for Dr. Jessica in order to prove that Molly had a pattern of being abrasive with him when the cameras weren’t around. 

Dr. Jessica felt particularly upset to learn about Molly’s deceitful and harmful behavior. Dr. Jessica surprised Molly by playing the video footage in front of her and calling Molly out for her lies and vile language. 

Molly felt betrayed by Jonathan recording her and got extremely defensive, later claiming that he was equally guilty in the recorded argument. Molly’s cruel treatment towards Jon caused him to shut down and Jon brining up Molly’s past private exploits put a huge wrench in the pair’s already suffering marriage.

Dr. Jessica appeared very protective of Jonathan throughout his marriage with Molly and, after seeing the vicious way Molly spoke to Jonathan, the expert seemed to be an advocate for the couple to walk away from the toxic marriage. In retrospect, her passion for Jon makes sense considering the two would later fall in love. 

Inevitably, Molly and Jon couldn’t overcome their many issues and the pair officially called it quits, separating before Decision Day even arrived. 

Where are Molly and Jonathan now? 

On his season, Jonathan was so committed to being on MAFS that he quit his job to be a part of the process, and in an odd way, the decision paid off because he did end up finding the love of his life, it just wasn’t with his MAFS wife, Molly. 

Jon and Dr. Jessica allegedly began dating five months after his season of MAFS wrapped. The new couple fell in love and later got engaged in 2019.

Dr. Jessica eventually left the MAFS franchise, but she and Jonathan are still going strong. Jon posts tons of photos of the two on his social media. 

Molly received a lot of hate from the MAFS audience, leading her to spend some time away from social media.

Currently, Molly appears to still be single and enjoying the adventures life brings her. While she did not get a husband from the show, she remains friends with ladies from various seasons of MAFS.

Some of the MAFS stars Molly has posted hanging out with include; Mia and Amber from MAFS Season 7 as well as Molly’s fellow Boston costar, Jaclyn. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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