Married at First Sight spoilers: Mobile phone footage as Molly says Jonathan ‘makes her skin crawl’

Jonathan and Molly on Married at First Sight
Jonathan and Molly talk to the experts about the mobile phone footage on Married at First Sight

Tonight’s the night Married at First Sight fans have been waiting for — as Jonathan records Molly on his mobile phone to show how she is off-camera, then shows it to the experts.

Spoilers ahead of the episode showed Molly captured in the footage calling Jonathan “disgusting”. He then reveals how he decided to film Molly after they went out in Florida and she started talking to another man at the bar and ignoring him.

It took place after the MAFS crew had packed up their cameras and stopped filming for the day.

When Jonathan pulled her up about chatting to the guy at the bar, he says she just “went off” on him — calling him “disgusting” and a “monster”.

The Married at First Sight mobile phone footage was first shown on E! News, while a separate clip sees Jonathan then tell the experts how Molly told him “when you touch me it makes my skin crawl”, adding: “Then she just went irate”.

But Molly says in an interview with producers that she feels “betrayed” by what Jonathan’s done. She says: “I feel very betrayed that he’s even taken it to this level, and it’s just gone such a bad direction that there’s really no going back.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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