Exclusive: Married at First Sight star Jon Francetic on his new Love Builder business and how he fell for Dr. Jessica Griffin

Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin
Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin, who met when he featured on Married at First Sight Season 6. Pic credit: @love_builder_inc_/Instagram

Jon Francetic of Married at First Sight fame is a very charming man. Fans will remember his sweet cat, Dawn, and then-wife, Molly Duff, who viewers weren’t too happy with by the end of Season 6.

Monsters and Critics reached out to Jon to get some information on what he’s been up to since the show, and he was kind enough to allow us to interrupt his afternoon and answer a few questions.

Jon, fans will be pleased to hear, was just as nice and personable on the phone as he appeared on the show.

We asked him about his and fiancee Dr. Jessica Griffin’s new Love Builder webinars, which the couple has just launched — and he also spilled some tea on the couple’s relationship and the truth about how it started.

Jon and Dr. Jessica launched their new business, Love Builder Inc., after having a discussion about marriages and divorces, with her suggesting they could use their experiences to help other couples build — or re-build — their relationships.

She is a relationship expert, after all. So Jon, an analyst at a credit union, did a cost plan and figured out that providing courses on the internet was the best idea — not only because it was cost-effective, but because their reach could be far greater as it would mean anyone, anywhere in the world, could attend.

The couple started their first course two weeks ago, and are preparing to host lost more. The webinars use both science- and research-based data to help couples “build love like a house”. Jon gave the analogy of the Three Little Pigs building a house with a strong foundation. Hence the name “Love Builder”.

All attendees’ identities are kept completely confidential. Prior to the course, you fill out a questionnaire before a live Q&A session. Dr. Jessica is the expert for the webinar while Jon handles all the back end work, making sure everything runs smoothly.

In the future, Jon says the couple is planning to have both bigger and more advanced courses for people to attend. Jon sent us a viewing of the first course and it was extremely fun and informative, with Dr. Jessica’s voice proving very soothing.

After discussing Love Builder, we couldn’t let Jon go without asking a few personal questions. First, have he and Dr. Jessica set a wedding date yet? He told us, “We have. But we’ve decided not to share the date.”

What he did say, though, was that the wedding date was at least a year out, and their big day will be held at the beautiful Ventosa Vineyards in New York. The couple fell in love with the venue on a previous visit.

We also asked Jon what advice he would give about finding love again to someone who had been in a relationship that didn’t work out. He said that he would tell them the same thing that his friend told him when he was on Married at First Sight and realized his marriage was over — that you can’t hold grudges and “carry baggage” into the next relationship. You have to decide to be vulnerable.

When asked if he had anything that he wanted to tell Married at First Sight fans, he said he wanted everyone to know that his beloved cat Dawn was fine and stable. He also wanted to clear up the assumption that he and Dr. Jessica had chemistry while they were filming the show together.

The truth? Jon told us that he actually wasn’t a fan of the show’s doctors during filming AT ALL, and even said at one point of Dr. Griffin, “I hope I never see that woman again!”

The pair only actually met a couple of times during the show, and it was only afterward that they formed a bond. He said, “Once I got to know her, I realized how great she was and fell in love. That’s why I locked that down!”

Jon was originally cast for Lifetime’s Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island but started dating Dr. Jessica prior to the show filming so he didn’t appear.

To get more information about Love Builder, send an email or visit their Love Builder webpage

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Monica J Thompson
Monica J Thompson
3 years ago

Jon, did you get your cat, Dawn back after your split with Molly?