Married at First Sight’s Molly Duff goes silent on Twitter: ‘I’m not putting up with hate’

Molly Duff on Married at First Sight
Molly Duff talks about Jonathan’s actions on the latest Married at First Sight episode

Married at First Sight star Molly Duff has gone silent on Twitter for almost a week now, after saying she will not put up with haters.

The MAFS bride last posted on the social network at the end of last week, saying she had received everything from death threats to messages from people saying she deserved to die.

The hate came after teasers made it clear that Molly was the person who was filmed on a mobile phone by their match to show how they behaved off-camera, a rumor fans had first got wind of following a now infamous post on Reddit.

That incident aired on last night’s episode, showing Molly calling husband Jonathan Francetic “disgusting”. He also claimed she told him that he “made her skin crawl” when he touched her.

Molly finally put her foot down last Friday, April 6, when she took to Twitter to slam the haters and say she would not return to social media until people stopped tagging her in “horrible” comments.

She did also give a shout-out to the fans that had supported, saying that “things aren’t always as they appear”.

It came after co-star Jaclyn Schwartzberg had previously hit out on Twitter after receiving offensive comments”.

Twitter is still very much #TeamJonathan this week after the mobile phone scenes shown on the latest episode.

And it’s a theme which has been running for some time now…

With two episodes still to unfold this season, how things pan out remains to be seen. But we know what result our money’s on…

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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