Where are Jasmine and Will from Married at First Sight Season 8 now?

Will and Jasmine sit on the couch and Jasmine holds tissue to wipe her tears
Will devastates Jasmine on Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight went to Philadelphia for Season 8 and for the first time the series matched four couples rather than its usual three. 

One of those Season 8 couples was Jasmine and Will, who found themselves facing similar issues to MAFS Season 1 stars, Monet and Vaughn, when it came to their differing opinions on traditional gender roles. 

Jasmine and Will weren’t on the same page on Decision Day 

While MAFS Season 4 stars, Lillian and Tom, got married in the pouring rain, Jasmine and Will got married in the blazing heat. Despite their marriage starting off in the heat, the two didn’t quite “have the hots” for each other by the end of their marriage. 

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Jasmine signed up for MAFS because she was tired of the dating scene and she strongly desired a relationship like her parents, which included traditional gender roles. However, Will didn’t believe in traditional gender roles and felt Jasmine’s values were old-fashioned and limiting. 

The subject that the pair most disagreed on was finances. Will felt that paying the bills should be 50/50 whereas Jasmine felt it should be 70/30 because she believed the man was supposed to be the provider and protector of the house like her own father was when she was growing up. 

Will started to resent Jasmine’s emphasis on money and Will being a provider, stating he wanted a more equal partnership. Will also felt Jasmine shut down his dreams because they didn’t sound financially lucrative which really bothered both Will and his friends.

Overall, the couple had trouble agreeing in most areas and lacked clear and effective communication. They also struggled with intimacy, with Will not being receptive to Jasmine’s efforts to grow in their emotional and physical connection.

Jasmine and Will ended up having one of the more devastating Decision Days because the couple gave two different answers. Jasmine wanted to stay married but Will didn’t trust that their communication and desires in life would ever align, so he revealed that he wanted a divorce. 

Will’s decision to divorce left both Jasmine and the experts in tears as Jasmine admitted that she felt like a failure after trying so hard to make it work with Will. 

Where are Jasmine and Will now? 

After her heartbreaking divorce, Jasmine bounced back and began to thrive again. 

The most notable change in Jasmine’s life is that she found love in a new relationship with a man that she refers to as “the love of her life” and the couple expanded their family

Jasmine became pregnant and posted gorgeous photos of her pregnancy. She also got candid about her birth story and the challenges that came with her emergency c-section. 

Thankfully the surgery was successful and Jasmine announced the arrival of her precious son, Jacoby, earlier this year. She now spends her days as a brand new mom. 

Jasmine remained friends with fellow MAFS Season 8 cast mate Kate, who bonded with Jasmine over the fact that both their marriages were troubled. 

Along with Kate, Jasmine found community with fellow divorced MAFS wives from various seasons and a group of the divorced wives partook in a star-studded Tik Tok challenge together. 

Meanwhile, Will, the self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, does not appear to be in a new relationship. 

However, he has fulfilled another dream of his. He told Jasmine that his dream was to coach and be a mentor to kids through sports and he went onto coach girls high school basketball.

Will finds coaching and making a difference in kids’ lives extremely fulfilling and states that the kids impact him as much as he impacts them. On top of doing meaningful work with kids and focusing on fitness, Will is also outspoken about social justice on his platforms. 

Jasmine and Will’s drastically different desires made them not compatible as a couple, but both appear to have achieved their own personal desires since parting ways. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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