When will Counting On return to TLC in 2020?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Counting On is likely to return in 2020. Pic credit: TLC

Counting On is coming to an end, and viewers are already wondering when the next season will air. The show has been filled with ups and downs, complete with tragedy hitting the Duggars all at once.

The season finale of Counting On airs tomorrow. It will conclude with the wake and viewing of Grandma Mary Duggar, who passed away back in June. Following that, Kendra Caldwell and Lauren Swanson’s birth specials will be airing as well.

At the time of writing this, TLC has not yet renewed or canceled Counting On. It is typical for the network to keep things under wraps and only release details closer to when the season will debut. Right now, a summer season is predicted for more Counting On.

There aren’t any public courtships right now, though a few of the male Duggars have been rumored to be attached. Jason and Jedidiah were both targeted with courting speculation regarding Lauren Caldwell. Currently, it doesn’t appear either have found someone they are interested in.

Abbie Grace Burnett is due in January with her first child. She is due around the middle of the month, right around John-David’s birthday. She revealed that to John-David’s twin, Jana Duggar, last week on Counting On. At this point, this is the biggest thing happening for the Duggar family in 2020.

It is likely Counting On will return in 2020 despite not having an official renewal yet. It draws plenty of attention from fans and critics alike. 2019 was a very busy year for the family with the loss of their matriarch, the loss of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s baby girl, and four new little girl Duggar grandbabies born.

As viewers gear up for the season finale of Counting On, there is a level of sorrow surrounding it. Saying goodbye to Grandma Mary Duggar won’t be easy, but it is the perfect way to end a season that has been difficult to watch.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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3 years ago

Miss you counting on Come on tlc and want know if when come in??