When is The Traitors 2 reunion show?

Kate Chastain at The Traitors Season 1 reunion
Kate Chastain is a fan-favorite from Below Deck and The Traitors. Pic credit: Peacock

The Traitors 2 is about to end, meaning it’s also time for the reunion show.

Players from the new season of The Traitors return to discuss everything that happened.

This is where everyone can discuss the drama, arguments that have occurred on social media, and who played the best game.

Many feuds have gone down on social media, including someone from The Real Housewives (RHOC) making fun of Parvati Shallow.

Johnny Bananas also shaded Dan Gheesling after the MTV legend got sent home first.

So will the Traitors 2 cast be on the same page at the reunion? Or will this be a must-see TV moment filled with drama?

When is The Traitors 2 reunion show?

Peacock has already filmed the reunion show special. It wasn’t something that they could do live, but it is ready to debut.

The reunion will debut on the same night as the season finale, giving viewers some bonus content.

The Traitors 2 ends at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 7. That’s when viewers learn who won The Traitors 2 and what happened at the reunion.

Here are some early images from the reunion. They have been shared online by players who attended the event, sparking interesting debates.

Can Kate Chastain keep her secret? Or will the remaining Faithfuls figure out that she is the final Traitor?

Traitors fans love Season 2 cast

Many viewers have been sharing their opinions about The Traitors 2 on social media.

Below are some thoughts from the viewers, including several fans celebrating Phaedra Parks from Married to Medicine and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Casting Phaedra for the Traitors will go down as one of the best reality tv casting choices of all time. Now check that,” wrote one viewer.

“Thank you for serving 10 episodes of masterful tv,” wrote another fan with some Phaedra clips.

Many fans are convinced that Sandra Diaz-Twine from Survivor discovered that Kate Chastain is a Traitor.

“Sandra already clocking Kate … Queen stays Queen #TheTraitorsUS#TraitorsUS,” wrote a fan with a GIF of Sandra on Survivor.

Another fan felt Kate blew her chance to steal the money by going after Phaedra at the last Roundtable.

“Kate Chastain is really just Dan Gheesling 2.0 because she really could’ve just voted Phaedra out and STFU but she had to add the RANDOM “selfish” part to it like a weirdo,” she wrote.

Previous episodes of The Traitors are available for streaming on Peacock. That includes the first season that aired last winter.

The network has also pre-ordered The Traitors 3 to debut next year.

The Traitors 2 is streaming on Peacock.

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