What do the married Duggar men do for a living? Jim Bob Duggar holds all the cards

John-David and Abbie in a Counting On confessional.
John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett were the latest Duggars to tie the knot. Pic credit: TLC

There are four married Duggar men, and they all work for Jim Bob Duggar and the family businesses. Aside from starring on Counting On, their jobs are all managed and set by their father.

Following Derick Dillard’s revealing interview last week with Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball, there have been a lot of questions about what the Duggar men do for a living.

Jill Duggar’s husband wanted to work for a company not affiliated with the family, but Jim Bob Duggar allegedly squashed that.

What do the Duggar men do to support their families?

Some of what the Duggar men do has been featured on Counting On.

Viewers have seen Joseph Duggar working at the car lot while speaking to Kendra Caldwell on the phone.

John-David flies the family where they need to go and partakes in the gender reveal parties or various other odds-and-ends that would come with being a pilot.

Josh Duggar works for his father as well.

What he does remains a little unclear as he isn’t allowed to be filmed or discussed on the show. He once held a job that was not affiliated with the family but that was cut short after he suffered two scandals in 2015.

Since then, he has been living back in Arkansas on the same property as the main Duggar home.

Josiah Duggar also works for the family.

He and Lauren Swanson live in a modest home and are currently raising their daughter, Bella. Josiah doesn’t get too much screentime on Counting On as the women raising the kids is more of the focal point for the show.

What do the husbands of the Duggar daughters do?

Jeremy Vuolo is a pastor, which is why Jinger Duggar doesn’t live in Arkansas anymore. They are currently residing in California while they raise their daughter, Felicity.

Austin Forsyth is married to Joy-Anna Duggar. He is a contractor and a jack of all trades when it comes to building things. He is not aligned with the Duggars as far as business goes.

The two are currently residing in a home they bought from Jim Bob Duggar and are neighbors to Amy King Duggar, their cousin.

Ben Seewald is employed by Jim Bob Duggar to tutor some of the other Duggar children.

He has been in with the family since the beginning, and Jessa Duggar is the daughter some Counting On viewers think will take after Michelle Duggar the most.

Finally, Derick Dillard is currently in law school.

Before that, he wanted to earn gainful employment but alleges he was shut down. He also revealed that other people have had similar experiences, but did not drop names.

Jim Bob Duggar holds all of the cards in his hand.

By having the children work for him and paying them enough for their living expenses, he can control what is shown on Counting On.

Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Counting On is currently on hiatus but is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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