Wells Adams opens up about possibly taking over The Bachelor host role — Does he want it?

wells adams chris harrison
Wells Adams (pictured with former Bachelor host Chris Harrison) revealed if he was interested in hosting the series of ABC dating shows Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams has opened up about possibly taking over as host of The Bachelor in Chris Harrison’s absence.

Chris reached a mutual decision with the show’s production team to step back permanently from his hosting gig in June of this year.

Wells was questioned by Entertainment Tonight about moving into the position after being given an expanded role in the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise where he is set to be the bartender but also will preside over the rose ceremonies.

“Those are really large shoes to fill,” he responded in a non-committal manner. “I want to be a part of the franchise in whatever aspect that they want me to be involved, to be honest with you.”

Wells has enjoyed his time as the bartender on the summer series, a role he has held for four seasons thus far.

“I love being the bartender. The host role is the one that is a little bit separated from the cast if you’re really looking at it objectively,” Wells claimed. “[With] the bartender role, I’m entrenched with everyone. I’m kind of a part of the landscape, so my relationship with them is a very strong one. Whereas the host role has got to be a little bit step back and a little bit more objective, I suppose,” he explained.

Wells would not formally comment on Chris Harrison’s exit, saying that he was “just the bartender.”

Wells alluded to the fact that he might like the challenge

Wells claimed he would consider taking on whatever role the franchise wanted him to pursue.

wells adams
Wells Adams was non-committal when asked if he would be open to hosting The Bachelor in the future Pic credit: ABC

According to the Bachelorette alum, “there haven’t been talks” about him taking over as host.

“I don’t really know how I would do stepping into that role,” Wells explained.

“Whatever Bachelor Nation wants and what ABC wants, I’m happy to do,” he continued. “But I’m just excited for Paradise. I’m excited to mix up some margaritas and some drama and just watch it all burn in front of me.”

He admitted that doing the show without Chris Harrison at the helm was different. He admitted that change was “hard” but he wished Chris “nothing but the best.”

Wells recently appeared on The Bachelorette

The July 5 episode of The Bachelorette featured Wells alongside Franco Lacosta. Together they announced and presided over the Bachelorette Bash Ball Battle. The contestants tried their best because the winner got to spend more time with Katie.

During play, more than egos ended up getting bruised. Katie stepped in, stood up for the efforts of her guys, ended the game early, and gave everyone the attention they deserved after the challenging game.

Wells also guest-starred during Matt James’ season during an episode where the female contestants of The Bachelor fought for love during a group date after Matt admitted he liked to box to blow off steam. The ladies got about two minutes of practice before heading into the ring where Chris played announcer with Wells by his side. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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