Welcome to Plathville’s Micah Plath talks about his sheltered life, what he missed, and his schooling

Micah Plath on Welcome to Plathville.
Micah Plath had a very sheltered childhood. Pic credit: TLC

Micah Plath is one of the most talked-about reality stars on the TLC network.

He is part of the controversial Plath family who stars in Welcome to Plathville. They are currently airing Season 2, and it looks much different than Season 1.

This time around, Micah lives with Moriah in their own house. They are doing life without the rules that they had on the farm and learning more about the real world every day.

Micah Plath talks about raising his future kids

On The Domenick Nati Show, Micah Plath talked about his life and the rules his parents put into place for him and his siblings.

For his future kids, he reveals that “chances are” he wouldn’t raise them how he was raised. That isn’t shocking given the conversation he and Moriah had with their parents, Kim and Barry Plath, earlier this season.

When asked about what he missed out on most with a sheltered childhood, Micah revealed it was his social life. It is painfully clear in his recent interactions on the show that he is awkward in social settings, especially when it comes to women.

Micah calls out Kim Plath

There was a touch on schooling. Kim homeschooled all of the children, and it really impacted Micah Plath. He said he didn’t receive the “best schooling,” and talked about how he missed out on sports as well.

Domenick Nati asked about the qualifications for the homeschool curriculum and if it was similar to the GED. Micah said he wasn’t sure and it doesn’t seem to be, though his mom, Kim Plath, says it is.

He was unsure if that was something she had to say because of the show, and that raises a lot of questions among Welcome to Plathville viewers.

As for Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville, it may be the last. Micah Plath revealed he and his siblings had to really press Kim and Barry to agree to a second season because the first didn’t play out how they had hoped.

It was supposed to be an amazing family show and the hate they received really affected them. Of course, they did agree to film again, but after how this season is going and the very clear divide between the older siblings and the parents, it doesn’t appear likely they would sign on again.

To find out what’s next for Micah Plath, be sure to tune in and find out!

Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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