Welcome to Plathville: Who is Joshua Plath and what happened to him?

Kim Plath in a Welcome to Plathville confessional.
Kim Plath tragically ran over her son in 2008. Pic credit: TLC

Welcome to Plathville viewers may be wondering who Joshua Plath is after watching the most recent episode of the show.

During previews for an upcoming episode, the younger Plath siblings are seen asking Kim Plath about Joshua and what happened to him.

It was discussed during Season 1 of the show, but now, it looks like more details and talks about the little boy will be happening.

Who is Joshua Plath?

Barry and Kim Plath had 10 children. In birth order, they are Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Joshua, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy.

Joshua Plath was born in April of 2007 and passed away in September 2008.

The little girls weren’t around when he was born as Kim was pregnant with Amber when they lost him.

What happened to Joshua Plath?

In September of 2008, Joshua Plath was tragically killed when Kim Plath accidentally ran him over with her vehicle.

She had been moving fruit trees on the family property and had been letting him play and run around while keeping an eye on her. Kim thought she knew where he was, but unfortunately, he was near the vehicle and she ran him over.

After calling for help and trying to save Joshua, there was nothing left that anyone could do. The little boy did not pull through.

It was a very hard couple of months following his death for Kim Plath. She talked about blaming herself and the aftermath that followed, including believing her marriage would be over. Instead of blaming her and saying awful things to her, Barry just stood by his wife’s side, never wavering.

The death was officially ruled an accident, but even that didn’t help to ease the pain of the family.

Next week, when the little girls ask about Joshua and what happened to him, things will be brought back up. He would have turned 13 this year and Isaac would no longer be the only boy at home.

When the previews flashed, Kim was shown talking to Barry about visiting the cemetery with the whole family. With the strained relationships with the older children, it may not be with all of her children, but the ones still at home.

A lot has changed since Season 1 of Welcome to Plathville has aired. With a fractured family and a lot happening, the Plaths are faced with some tough realities.

To find out what happens next, be sure to tune in.

Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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Sandy G Lange
Sandy G Lange
2 years ago

Tiffany Bailey, why do you insist on saying “ran him over” (and not just once, but TWICE)??…how insensitive and unprofessional. Someone with some insight needs to edit your writing.