VPR: Ariana Madix hits back at critics over comments about her legs

VPR star Ariana Madix.
Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix clapped back at criticism about her legs. Pic credit: ©

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix isn’t ashamed of her body, and she won’t put up with unfair criticism either.

The 36-year-old received some harsh comments over a picture she recently posted on social media.

Body shamers temporarily overshadowed what should have been a sweet moment between brother and sister by criticizing her legs in the photo.

Ariana wasn’t having it.

She took to her Instagram Stories to share how her legs truly look and explain that she’s not perfect and neither is her skin.

Ariana claps back at followers who criticized her legs

While the Vanderpump Rules cast was celebrating James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’ engagement party in Santa Barbara, many of their loved ones joined in on the celebrations — including Ariana’s brother, Jeremy.

In the post featuring a picture of the two of them, Ariana wrote a sweet caption about their bond and the inside jokes they share.

Comments on Ariana’s look overshadowed the sweet post — specifically, people posting insults about her legs.

“You’re so beautiful…but why does it [look like] you’ve been rolling in the dirt?” One follower asked.

Comment from Ariana's IG.
Pic credit: @ariana252525/Instagram

Another questioned if she was wearing pantyhose.

“Are you wearing panty[hose]? You look amazing no doubt. But it looks like [you’re] wearing panty[hose],” they wrote.

Comment from Ariana's IG.
Pic credit: @ariana252525/Instagram

Ariana responded to the questions on her Instagram Stories, shutting down those who questioned her skin.

“Alright, since some people [don’t] seem to understand, this is my skin,” she said while videoing her bare legs while sitting on the floor.

She continued, “I mean, guys, I don’t just, like, stay at home and eat bonbons all day. I do s**t. I get scars…so get over it.”

Ariana continued by pointing out all of her scars and where she got them, including a pay injury from falling down the stairs, an incident with bedbugs, and a scab from riding a bull.

“So, [this is what] my real skin looks like. Find a way to cope,” she concluded.

Screenshot from Ariana's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @ariana252525/Instagram

Raquel and James’ engagement party included a romantic setting and a display of his DJ skills

The Vanderpump Rules cast partied at the Sunstone Vineyard and Winery for the celebration and everyone showed up in their best neutral attire.

But all attention was on Raquel and James, who let their love take center stage.

Raquel took to her Instagram and shared adorable pictures from their time there.

“We had such a fun time at our engagement party!!” Her caption read, in part.

It seems the engagement party was a great way to wrap filming for the season. And now, fans just have to wait for the Season 9 premiere, which is expected to happen this fall.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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