Viral TikTok song is young Gia Giudice singing on Real Housewives of New Jersey

Gia Giudice in Utah.
Gia Giudice’s sad song from RHONJ is now a viral TikTok trend. Pic credit: @_giagiudice/Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have watched Gia Giudice grow up over the last decade.

From a little girl who was plagued with pain from family drama to the level-headed young lady she is today, Gia was born to be a superstar.

Now, she is getting a taste of viral superstardom with the song she wrote and performed during Season 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Gia Giudice’s sad song is viral on TikTok

The social media platform has been filled with videos users have made with Gia Giudice’s sad song as the anthem. It has been going on for several weeks, with celebrities joining in on the fun and even Gia and her friends doing their version.

For those RHONJ fans who don’t remember the song or the scene, it was a poignant moment for Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga.

Gia had written the song for her mom and Zio Joe. When she sang it in front of friends and family gathered for a birthday party, it was clear that she thought long and hard about the words to the song, and she was heartbroken over the relationship her mom and uncle no longer had.

The portion of the song being included in the TikTok videos says, “wakin’ up in the morning’, thinkin’ bout so many things, I just wish things would get better.”

Which celebrities have talked about Gia Giudice’s sad song?

Will Smith did a remix using the Gia Giudice song and from there, it has just gotten bigger.

Of course, Cardi B mentioned the song as well, which delighted the RHONJ daughter.

Cardi B tweeting about Gia's song.
Pic credit: @iamcardib/Twitter

To get in on the trend, Gia and her friends did a TikTok which covered her famous song. A moment in her life that was incredibly painful has now blown up and taken over the social media platform.

Most recently, Gia Giudice and her sisters have been spending time with their dad, Joe Giudice in the Bahamas. They have been through a lot over the last several years, with their lives and all of the highs and lows playing out on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Currently, Gia has been the topic of Season 11 of the show due to Jackie Goldschneider using her as an analogy in an argument with Teresa Giudice. While Gia has been level-headed about the situation, her mother has been anything but.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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