Vanessa Grimaldi, who won Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, is married — See the photos

Vanessa Grimaldi on the red carpet
Vanessa Grimaldi announced that she officially tied the knot with Joshua Wolfe. Pic credit: ©

Vanessa Grimaldi, the Bachelor contestant who won Nick Viall’s final rose, has officially tied the knot with Joshua Wolfe.

Vanessa and her new husband uploaded a series of wedding photos on Sunday, August 22.

Vanessa took to Instagram to share the big news.

“Officially Mrs. Wolfe !!!!!!!!!” Vanessa exclaimed in the caption. “Forever & ever & ever.”

In the first picture of her post, Josh wears a white tuxedo as he wraps his hands around Vanessa’s waist.

Vanessa looks as if she’s about to go in for a kiss while resting her hands on his chest. She wears a long-sleeved wedding gown and veil.

In her second picture, she seems to be wearing a different wedding dress. This dress has spaghetti straps and a lace bodice.

Josh has also changed into a black tux. They pose next to their wedding cake as Vanessa takes a bite into a slice of the red velvet goodness.

Josh uploaded his own set of wedding photos.

Josh simply captioned his post, “Mr. & Mrs.”

In the first pic, Vanessa wears her long-sleeved wedding gown as Josh kisses her hand.

The second picture gives a look at the back of Vanessa’s wedding gown as the two walk down the street hand-in-hand.

Details about Bachelor alum Vanessa Grimaldi’s wedding

The couple seemingly tied the knot at Le Mount Stephen, a five-star hotel in Montreal, Canada.

They wed on Friday, August 20 in an intimate ceremony with friends and family.

“I’m over the moon!” Vanessa told People. “Josh is the best partner to have in life and I feel so grateful.”

Vanessa revealed that Josh had proposed to her about a year prior in August 2020.

While Nick didn’t congratulate her outright at the time, the two seem to be cordial as they reunited around that time to explain why they broke up after their time on The Bachelor.

Why Nick and Vanessa split up

Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor aired in March 2017. While Nick proposed to Vanessa and the two left the show together, their relationship only lasted a few months.

They split that August without giving much explanation. The two spoke on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, about their split three years later.

They both expressed that they had tried very hard to make it work, but Vanessa said they were ultimately “two puzzle pieces that didn’t fit.”

Vanessa expressed that giving their relationship a try after the show took a large emotional toll on her.

“Coming off of the show, it was f**king hard. I don’t even know if you know this but I would lock myself in the bathroom, just turn the shower on and cry for hours,” Vanessa admitted during the podcast. “I’m pretty sure I went through states of depression … while we were living together in downtown L.A., while you were on Dancing With the Stars.”

Even though their split was rough, it seemingly worked out for the better for both of them.

While Vanessa is now happily married, Nick is happily dating Natalie Joy.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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