TrophySmack on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these trophies special and where you can buy one

Matt Walsh and Dax Holt pitch TrophySmack on Shark Tank.
Matt Walsh and Dax Holt pitch TrophySmack on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC

TrophySmack founders entered the Shark Tank and found success with Mark Cuban’s speed offer.

TrophySmack appeared on the same episode as the healthy sports drink, Electra, luxury chair, All 33, and even Justin Bieber.

TrophySmack is not the ordinary trophy company that you’d go to for your peewee soccer team’s participation trophies, though.

What makes TrophySmack unique

TrophySmack offers customizable fantasy football trophies, belts, bling rings, and more.

Even though football is the company’s primary focus, it also offers championship accessories for baseball, basketball, and soccer.

“TrophySmack is the ultimate destination for custom fantasy football trophies, baseball trophies, basketball trophies, and more. We can supply all of your FFL needs from fantasy trophies to fantasy football rings and our show stopping fantasy championship belts,” the TrophySmack site says of its trophies.

“Our original designs will set your league apart from the rest, plus we use top of the line materials to create fantasy trophies that will last for years to come. With a variety of customization options available you’re sure to find exactly what you’ve been searching for. We build custom trophies to suit any price point so you won’t have to break the bank to show off like a champ,” the site’s description continues.

Customers can even customize their accessories by adding a bobblehead of their design to their trophy or designing the image on their bling ring.

“With our swap top design, each year’s champ can update the league trophy with a unique trophy topper and plaque to represent their hard earned victory, at an affordable price,” the site boasts. “And with our 19 year perpetual trophies, your fantasy league will certainly have something worth competing for year over year. Let the pros at TrophySmack help you find the perfect prize!”

TrophySmack also offers hilarious gag gifts for fantasy football losers.

Customers can buy any of these items directly from TrophySmack’s website.


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TrophySmack’s backstory

TrophySmack was founded by entrepreneur Matt Walsh and former TMZ producer Dax Holt in 2018.

Matt came up with the idea for TrophySmack when he wanted to order himself an over-the-top trophy for his successful fantasy football season but realized the product didn’t exist.

TrophySmack got its start when it won the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s Elevator Pitch Competition in January 2018.

The pair began to run TrophySmack as a garage startup, and it quickly took off.

TrophySmack’s success allowed it to partner with major companies like Yahoo and NBC Sports.

TrophySmack announced in December that Matt and Dax would be shooting their shot on Shark Tank the following month.


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Shark Tank airs Friday nights at 8/7c on ABC. 

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