Trop Hop Beer: Here’s what we know about Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll’s product

Austen Kroll on a Southern Charm reunion.
Austen Kroll closed a big deal for Trop Hop Beer on Southern Charm. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm star Austen Kroll has worked hard on his signature product, Trop Hop Beer.

Viewers have seen some of the progress along the way, but it seems as if the reality TV star has finally gone all the way with his product, including having it available in six-packs around the Charleston area.

Austen launched King’s Calling Brewing Company in 2019, which produces Trop Hop.

While some may turn their noses to another IPA, this one differs from the rest. Some believe that nearly every IPA tastes similar, but this one has something that sets it apart.

Trop Hop is tropically-infused and is suited for people who prefer a less bitter taste in their beer.

So, where can you get Austen Kroll’s Trop Hop?

Where can you get Austen Kroll’s beer?

Unfortunately, you can’t have Trop Hop shipped. However, there is a website with Trop Hop merch for people who wants something from the brand that Southern Charm star Austen Kroll launched.

He wrote in the About Us section, “Hey y’all! Welcome to Kings Calling Brewing Co. Official merchandise site! We are a brewing company located in Beautiful charleston, SC and our goal is to get delicious liquid in your hands (and belly) but since we (unfortunately) can’t ship Trop Hop directly to you, we hope that we can send you some merch instead!”

If you are in the Charleston area, you can likely find the beer on tap if you want to give it a try It is also available in the Charlotte, North Carolina market, as evidenced on Southern Charm. Also, Harris Teeter and Publix carry Trop Hop in six packs.

Recently, Austen shared that Trop Hop Beer was available for purchase in Florida. For now, it’s available in central and south areas of the state, which is one step closer to expanding even more.

Austen Kroll reacted to Madison LeCroy’s engagement

Currently, Season 8 of Southern Charm is airing on Bravo.

Austen Kroll is seeing Olivia Flowers as the season is airing, but it seems that seeing ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy move on had him in his feelings. The blonde announced her engagement last fall, and Austen and the guys heard the news when she announced it to the world.

He called her “f*****g Medusa,” and the guys jokingly talked about betting on how long her marriage would last. However, Madison was not impressed with their reactions and clapped back about Austen not being “husband material.”

Even though Austen Kroll is successful with his Trop Hop Beer, it seems Madison LeCroy still rubs him the wrong way.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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