‘Too famous to be flight risk’: Josh Duggar’s attorneys cite reasons why he should be granted bail

Josh Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Josh Duggar’s attorneys are pushing for bail, and say he is too recognizable to pose a flight risk. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar’s attorneys are gearing up for his detention hearing today.

Last week, the former reality TV star pled not guilty to the two counts he faces regarding possessing and distributing child pornography.

He has been held in the Washington County Detention Center since he turned himself in on April 29.

Josh Duggar’s attorneys file paperwork to get bail

Two attorneys, Travis Story and Justin Gelfand, have reportedly filed paperwork on behalf of Josh to prove that he won’t be a flight risk.

TMZ reports that the mentioned reasons include his recognizable face from his stint on 19 Kids and Counting and the fact that he knew he was under investigation since November 2019 and didn’t run away.

They also noted he turned himself in as promised, which they claim shows that Josh will abide by the terms of the release of bail the judge lays out for him.

It was also revealed that he requested to be released to his home, which is on the Duggar property, to take care of his pregnant wife.

When Josh appeared before the judge to enter his plea last week, the judge noted that he would not be allowed around any minor children if he was to be granted bail.

That would conflict with his request to go home to be with Anna Duggar, who is pregnant with their seventh child. The couple already shares six children.

What is next for Josh Duggar?

The detention hearing is scheduled for May 5 at 1:30 p.m. local time. The attorneys will then argue the reasons why they think Josh Duggar should be released on bail. The prosecutors will also have a chance to tell the court why they believe he should be remanded while awaiting trial.

Anna Duggar is reportedly standing beside her husband. She went with him to turn himself in and has remained quiet amid the scandal. Several other family members have commented, including Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and a few of the sisters.

Josh’s trial is currently set to begin in July. If the judge chooses to deny bail, he will remain in custody for the trial duration. The dates are not set in stone, and there are varying factors that could adjust the timeline on both the prosecuting and defense sides.

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Mary Bullard
Mary Bullard
2 years ago

They said he wouldn’t be a threat to the community, let me tell you this? he’s a threat to children ????????