Todd and Julie Chrisley are ‘without words’ following sentencing

Julie and Todd Chrisley on the red carpet.
Todd and Julie Chrisley were stunned after sentencing. Pic credit: ©

Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to a combined 19 years in federal prison earlier this week.

The Chrisley Knows Best stars will have to serve their time together, leaving their two underage children without parents.

Savannah Chrisley reportedly has custody of Grayson Chrisley and Chloe Chrisley.

Following what is being called “harsh” sentencing, Todd and Julie returned to their Nashville home until they are due to report to federal prison.

They are being given the chance to spend the holidays with their family before Todd begins his 12-year sentence and Julie begins her seven-year sentence. After completing their time, each party will have to endure 16 months of probation.

Despite being back in Nashville, the Chrisleys don’t want to speak to anyone.

Todd and Julie Chrisley aren’t dealing with sentencing well

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Todd and Julie Chrisley are “inconsolable” following their sentencing.

They weren’t prepared for the “harsh” sentence and hoped their pleas for leniency would have been heard.

Todd and Julie had asked that Todd serve his time first so that Julie could remain at home with the children. She agreed to stay on monitoring the entire time but wanted to be there until Chloe Chrisley turned 18.

The Chrisley source told HL, “When they first learned the sentence, they were all hysterical and there was lots of crying from everyone. No one could believe that this was the outcome. Todd and Julie didn’t want to see anyone yesterday except family and they are currently without words.”

That isn’t surprising, considering the Chrisleys also didn’t anticipate a conviction back in June.

Will the Chrisleys celebrate the holidays?

Even though Todd and Julie Chrisley didn’t have to report immediately, it appears no one is in the mood to celebrate.

The Chrisley insider addressed that with the publication: “With the holidays coming up, they don’t know how they can possibly celebrate knowing that they are going to prison for years and years.”

There was also a discussion about shopping for Todd and Julie, knowing they couldn’t even enjoy their presents because they would be gone for several years.

When Savannah revealed she would have custody of Grayson and Chloe, she also discussed thinking they would leave their parents behind and celebrate their first holiday without them. She was emotional at the thought, as the podcast episode had been taped last week, just days ahead of the sentencing.

Over the next several weeks, there will be many ups and downs as the Chrisleys learn to navigate a new life for the next decade.

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Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith
1 year ago

I feel this was definitely too steep for their crimes. A couple yrs would have been suffice.

Joyce Muller
Joyce Muller
1 year ago

Are you aware what they knowingly did to live as millionaires . Really???

Lesa Cockrell
Lesa Cockrell
1 year ago

If it is true they stole millions and falsified documents, they should spend time in prison.

1 year ago

The Christly’s didn’t deserve this after all we have corrupt elected officials that go in making a modest salary and come out millionaires. How does that happen???
This judge demonstrates clearly how she totally ripped the Christly family unit completely apart with the stroke of a pen and the gavel striking the sounding block. This judge was more concerned about her authority, popularity, re-election eligibility and losing her legal status than about the Christly family unit. I hope the christlys weather this storm successfully and clap those responsible in the justice system in jail.

11 months ago

Where are Chloe‘s parents and why is savanna have custody of her?