Tia Simmons confirmed return to Love After Lockup along with Nicolle Bradley, apologized for offending anyone

Tia Simmons
Tia Simmons was interviewed on The Domenick Nati show where she confirmed her future appearance on Love After Lockup with Nicolle Bradley and apologized to fans. Pic credit: WeTV

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Tia Simmons did an interview on The Domenick Nati show where she confirmed that she and Nicolle Bradley would be returning to the show.

Tia also issued an apology to anyone who took offense to her words against Daonte Sierra and Lacey Whitlow in her previous interview.

The apology from Tia was for anyone who was offended by her statements about Daonte Sierra and Lacey Whitlow, not for what she actually said.

The under five-minute interview dug into what viewers can expect from Tia and Nicolle going forward, Tia and Nicolle’s failing health, and she danced around her indirect apology.

Tia Simmons issued an apology after badmouthing Lacey Whitlow and Daonte Sierra

After Tia introduced herself she said, “I wanna apologize if I offended anyone on our last interview. My feelings are valid but I’m not going to speak on it.” She clarified that she was apologizing if anyone was offended but didn’t take responsibility for what she said.

Host Domenick Nati brought up what Tia said in his last interview with her when he recounted how Tia said, “Lacey is a weak a** b***h, fake as hell, and a w***e.” Tia had also talked badly about Daonte who was her rival for Nicolle’s heart on Love After Lockup.

Instead of responding to Domenick Nati’s question about whether she still feels the same way about Daonte and Lacey from the previous interview, Tia just said, “My feelings are valid.”

When asked what sparked the apology, Tia responded, “I don’t want no trouble really, I’m tryna stay out the way, get myself together.”

She said neither Daonte nor Lacey responded to anything she said about them previously. Tia remarked, “I don’t have a problem with him, and like I said, me and Lacey that’s gonna be bygones I guess.”

Domenick asked her if she was doing a public apology to Lacey, Daonte, and fans for what she said and Tia defined that she was.

Tia then responded to critics in the comments of the interview who were talking about her raspy voice and she said, “I had my thyroid removed, they hit my voicebox.” She went on to say that she and Nicolle have both been really sick.

Tia Simmons confirmed her return to Love After Lockup with Nicolle Bradley

Nicolle Bradley and Tia Simmons
Nicolle and Tia will be returning to Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WeTV

Domenick Nati changed gears in the interview and asked, “Are you planning on being back on the show? What are your television plans?”

To which Tia answered, “I just talked to a producer, and um, you know, they’re gonna put some plans together and we’re gonna go from there.”

Domenick asked further, “Are you gonna have your own show or are you going back on Love After Lockup?”

Tia admitted, “I don’t know for sure. They said that I might have to um work with the dude [Daonte] again, which is fine. They said something about March or something like that I don’t know.”

Domenick pressed, “So we can plan on probably seeing you guys on there next season?”

Tia replied, “Yeah.”

Love After Lockup premieres on March 4, 2022, at 9 PM EST on WeTV.

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