These Love After Lockup stars confirmed their relationship

Daonte Love After Lockup
Love After Lockup alum Daonte Sierra is dating another alum from the show. Pic credit: WeTV

During the Love After Lockup: How to Date an Inmate New Year’s Eve Special, it was announced that Season 3 alum Daonte Sierra has been dating convict Lindsey Downs from Season 2.

Love After Lockup viewers found out last season that Lindsey’s relationship with Scott Bradshaw went up in flames and that she had been locked up again for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Her charges haven’t stopped hopeless and unrealistic romantic Daonte from getting into a relationship with her after he was just burned by Nicolle Bradley.

Daonte Sierra is in a relationship with fellow Love After Lockup alum Lindsey Downs

Daonte’s determination to date an inmate, and disclosure that the inmate he’s dating is Lindsey, shocked Love After Lockup fans who know how much heartache and financial woes Daonte’s former relationships with convicts have caused him.

Daonte and Lindsey have been exchanging cute comments back and forth on Instagram for a while now which prompted rumors that they started something but the pair did not confirm their relationship until last night’s special.

Lindsey said that she has a prison girlfriend but is also dating Daonte and he said that Lindsey sought him out.

Lindsey has a tentative release date from prison of March 2022.

Daonte Sierra claimed that his mother doesn’t know he is dating another inmate

Daonte’s mom is a fierce protector over her son but she regularly tells him that he is making stupid decisions by being in relationships with inmates.

When she heard that Daonte was talking to Nicolle again after she broke his heart by getting with another guy while not even getting intimate with him, Daonte’s mom famously said, “Stop the damn bus!”

His mom knows that Daonte has a savior complex and getting mixed up with another inmate will more than likely not be good for him. She also called him out for not knowing when he is being manipulated.

During the Love After Lockup Special, fellow castmate Brittany Santiago asked Daonte if his mother knew he was dating Lindsey after the shocking news came out and he said that his mother did not know.

It was then that his mom popped up on the screen and revealed she knew exactly what was happening. While they didn’t go into too much detail, it looks like she will have a lot to say when they have a face-to-face conversation.

Love During Lockup premieres Friday, January 7th, 2022 at 9 /8c on WeTV.

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1 year ago

Of all of the women on LAL to NOT get involved with, Lindsay heads the very top pf the list! This woman is insane!!! I hope Daonte’s mom knocks some sense into her son’s head…with a brick! Second is Stan’s money-grabbing “ex…”