Theresa Nist’s daughter reveals how mom feels about Gerry Turner’s dating scandal

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist doesn’t seem bothered by Gerry Turner’s ex-girlfriend. Pic credit: ABC

Right before The Golden Bachelor finale, one of Gerry Turner’s ex-girlfriends went public with a story that could have ruined everything.

She claimed the newest Bachelor Nation star wasn’t the nice guy he portrayed on TV.

He was accused of moving on too quickly after his wife’s death and of dumping her heartlessly after body-shaming her and then making her move her things out of his Indiana lakehouse all by herself.

It wasn’t a good look for Gerry, who spent the entire season crafting the nicest-of-nice-guy persona that had The Golden Bachelor viewers falling in love with him in record numbers.

The idealization of Gerry Turner started to crumble as many The Golden Bachelor viewers weighed in on the drama.

It caused viewers to wonder how Theresa Nist would feel about Gerry after this shocking revelation.

Theresa Nist’s daughter says mom is ‘absolutely good’

Theresa Nist’s daughter, Jen Woolston, has been speaking out about her mom and Gerry’s relationship quite a bit lately.

She’s come to Gerry’s defense and has turned out to be a big fan of her future stepfather.

So when she was asked how Theresa feels about Gerry after hearing what his ex-girlfriend claimed, Jen was quick to defend him again and to ensure that her mom is still very much in love.

While speaking with Life & Style, Jen opened up about how her mom felt, telling them, “My mom and Gerry had a conversation about it, and I don’t exactly know the full story, but, you know, she’s absolutely good with whatever they talked about.”

“I think that there’s some bit of truth to some parts of it and they are on the same page about it, and that’s kind of good enough for me,” Jen concluded.

Jen defended Gerry Turner’s past with ‘simple’ explanation

Not only did Jen claim that Theresa was good with Gerry and not worried about his past, but she also tried to explain away the controversy and why it wasn’t addressed on The Golden Bachelor.

As viewers may recall, Gerry told the story of being ready for love now, years after his wife, Toni, passed away. They didn’t mention that he’d been actively dating and even lived with another woman before coming on the show.

They let viewers assume that he hadn’t been dating and only now was ready to find love and move on.

Jen spoke out about that, claiming, “I think the thing with The Bachelor is that, you know, they do kind of want to make the story a little simpler and straightforward. You know, they’re not going to give every single detail. I mean, he’s 72. They’re not going to share everything that’s ever happened in his life.”

The Golden Bachelor wedding will air live on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 months ago

Just make sure your mom does a prenup

2 months ago
Reply to  Sue

I heard that he’s refusing to sign a prenup. Lots of red flags there.

2 months ago

Absolutely, it is not the viewer’s business their every detail of their lives. They are in their 70’s. As long as there was no CHEATING going on during any of the process while being with someone.

Carolyn me Brosemer
Carolyn me Brosemer
2 months ago

I don’t care what he has done in the past …but he shouldn’t have made it appear that he hasn’t been dating. I will continue to watch every episode of this franchise no matter what…I love these shows and wish they had 3 or more shows a year!!

2 months ago

Take heed and then do whatever you want with the information.
Maybe this Gerry guy wanted to be upfront and maybe the powers that be, felt his behavior after his wife died would tarnish the love story they wanted to concoct.
Who knows if he had a less than amazing marriage- I’d question why there was a space between when she fell I’ll and was taken to the ER and a couple of months later he was actively messing about with Carolyn but maybe he was so lonely and alone.
There are a ton of what ifs and we don’t know if he told Theresa the truth during the show.
He lies easily as shown with his interactions with Faith and Lesley but if that doesn’t bother Theresa then no problem.
Can’t understand how he could be so in love with Lesley and then do a complete turnabout less that hours later

1 month ago

Jen please tell your mom not to go through with this. There were a lot of signs during the show that he can not nor should be trusted. When your mom told him how she made her money not only did his eye light up but so did his family’s. It was then that he was going to marry her for her money. She needs a prenuptial and also put her house in your name to protect asap. Also everything he was questioned of by each of the other women why he told them he loved them he answered it was the moment of how he felt. Your mother’s moment is coming to a fast end once they get married. The signs are showing in his body langage when he is standing next to her he is pulling away. Also his eyes…they are vacant and void and always looking around when he thinks no one is watching. Been there….it’s not good with what is coming. Please protect your mom. She is going to get hurt on all sides especially her opening her heart and also financially. Please please don’t let her go through with this farce. The show is not going to protect her and is using her for rating and funding. This is a huge mistake and she will pay dearly.. if you love her don’t let her go through with this.