The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner may not be so nice after all, according to an ex-girlfriend

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor finale
Gerry Turner may not be the nice guy we all thought he was. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor has been wildly popular since its debut back in September.

The Bachelor Nations spinoff boasted over four million viewers in the first week, and the show’s popularity has remained solid ever since.

Gerry Turner quickly became a fan-favorite Bachelor star, with women pining over his good looks, charm, and how he cared about the feelings of the women vying for his final rose.

He continued to be wildly popular — until a few weeks ago — when Gerry made some seemingly bad choices with his loose use of the “L” word.

He told three women over two weeks that he loved them, and that didn’t sit well with longtime Bachelor fans.

It even started a debate about the “L” word on the show and when it was appropriate to use.

But now there’s an even bigger scandal brewing ahead of finale night, and it’s definitely going to put a sour taste in many viewers’ mouths.

Gerry Turner put on blast by former girlfriend

Week after week, we hear about Gerry’s late wife Toni, and how much he loved her. He often talks about their deep connection, the pain of her death, and his plans to move on now that he’s on the show.

But it seems he already tried to move on years ago, literally weeks after Toni’s death.

If that’s not shocking enough, the way their relationship ended — at least according to this ex-girlfriend — will have The Golden Bachelor fans giving Gerry some major side-eye.

Ahead of finale night, The Hollywood Reporter dropped a bomb — Gerry Turner might not be such a nice guy after all.

The way that Gerry has been framed on The Golden Bachelor makes it seem like he’s been single since his wife died, but he’s clearly been back in the dating pool and with more than one woman. That is a stark difference from Gerry’s admission that he had one kiss following Toni’s death and before going on the show.

The first one to date Gerry following Toni’s death is a woman who went by Carolyn (not her real name to protect her identity). She claims that she and Gerry were together for three years – dating for ten months before she moved in with him.

They met within weeks of Toni’s death, and within just a few months, Gerry pursued her romantically, sending increasingly amorous text messages as their relationship developed.

Their relationship didn’t end well after she claims Gerry weight-shamed her before his high school reunion in 2019 when Gerry said to her: “I’m not taking you to the reunion looking like that.”

The comment ultimately led to their breakup, and Gerry put “Carolyn” out of his home before 2020 began — even paying for her U-Haul.

That wasn’t the end of his dating career prior to going on The Golden Bachelor.

A friend of Gerry’s told The US Sun that he was somewhat of a ladies’ man and had dated a handful of women before joining the show. Again, this contrasts with the sad widower trope we’ve been fed all season.

Gerry Turner will choose between Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor finale

Gerry Turner will hand out his final rose when The Golden Bachelor returns tomorrow for the season finale.

One might wonder how his lucky lady will feel hearing about his relationship with “Carolyn” and the ugly end to their three-year romance — especially after all the things he’s said on the show.

Either way, Gerry is expected to choose Theresa or Leslie and propose. As he has said a few times now, he’s hoping this will be the last woman for him for the rest of his life. We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Mary Smith
Mary Smith
4 months ago

One person’s word. We cannot know really the whole truth. Recently met a saleswoman who harassed me when she thought I was weight shaming her. She took totally out of context asking for her opinion about a coat I wanted to buy a needy friend who was really tiny. Made no reference to the saleswoman at all. Not in any way.