The Golden Bachelor After the Final Rose will be ‘the most emotional’ in Bachelor franchise history

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner is ready to hand out his final rose. Pic credit: ABC

We have less than a week left before The Golden Bachelor finale, where we find out whom Gerry Turner gives his final rose to.

After the Final Rose will also air that night, giving viewers a look at what happened after Gerry made his final pick.

Right now, things are up in the air regarding who Gerry will propose to.

During the Fantasy Suite dates in Costa Rica, Gerry makes it look like Leslie Fhima would be his choice when he tells her, “I think you’re the one.”

However, things took a huge turn on his date with Theresa Nist.

As Gerry learned more about Theresa, her career, and how she hadn’t been intimate with anyone since the death of her husband, the two bonded on a level that he wasn’t expecting.

Now, Gerry must make the difficult choice of which woman to give his final rose to and settle into a future together as he hopes this woman will be the one for him for the rest of his life.

Jesse Palmer talks about Gerry Turner’s journey ahead of The Golden Bachelor finale

The Golden Bachelor finale is coming up, and finally, we’ll find out who Gerry Turner gave his final rose.

We expect it to be full of tears, as the whole season has been that way.

On finale night, we’ll see who Gerry chooses and whether he proposes — and we expect that he will.

According to Jesse Palmer, we’ll also see After the Final Rose that night.

“You’re seeing the end of his journey unfold in Costa Rica. And then, of course we’ll have both women [and] Gerry there. We’ll all be watching it back for the first time together live,” he told Us Weekly ahead of the big day.

After the final rose is handed out, we’ll see the biggest shift in how The Golden Bachelor differs from the original Bachelor show, mainly because of the age and family dynamics of having an older star.

Jesse explained, “It’s kind of an interesting dynamic. Normally, it’s a Bachelor [or] Bachelorette meeting his parents and giving him advice. But Gerry has daughters who are adults and have their own families.”

“He respects their opinions, they know him better than anyone,’ he continued. “And I know he leans on them for advice and support throughout the whole thing. But it was very important for him obviously to have them meet the two women and give their feedback. And I know Gerry was very appreciative of it.”

Is there going to be a surprise on The Golden Bachelor finale?

The Golden Bachelor viewers have debated who Gerry Turner picks as his winner for weeks.

Monsters and Critics even weighed in with a guess about who it is before spoilers revealed the winner of the show, and let’s just say it’s going to be an upset.

When we do learn who Gerry picks and has to say goodbye to the other woman, she will be heartbroken.

“He fell in love with multiple women all at the same time in different ways,” Jesse explained. “Throughout the course of the season, [the goodbyes are] easily the most difficult part. And I think it usually is for most leads, but I think people are really going to see an emotional goodbye come the finale that they just haven’t seen yet. It’s pretty intense.”

We expect this goodbye to be even more emotional than when he met up with Faith Martin at the Women Tell All.

The Golden Bachelor returns on Thursday, November 30, at 8/7c on ABC.

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