Theresa Nist is ‘overcome with happiness’ after Gerry Turner’s proposal on The Golden Bachelor

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist is speaking out after The Golden Bachelor engagement. Pic credit: ABC

Theresa Nist is the big winner of the first season of The Golden Bachelor.

She managed to overcome a bout of bullying by the mean girls (ahem, I meant ASKN) member Kathy Swarts and made it to the finale.

Then, after it was really looking like Gerry Turner would propose to Leslie Fhima, he had a last-minute change of heart and picked Theresa instead.

Of course, she said yes, and now, the couple is planning to tie the knot on TV in a special that Bachelor Nation will get to watch.

The Golden Bachelor viewers weren’t happy with how things went down, especially when Gerry told Leslie she was “the one” before quickly changing his mind.

But that worked out well for Theresa, who now has the guy she wanted and has been sharing her happiness in interviews and on social media.

Theresa Nist shares gratitude for fan support after The Golden Bachelor win

After The Golden Bachelor finale, Theresa took to Instagram to let fans know she is “overcome with happiness! We are having so much fun!”

She shared four photos of herself and Gerry looking incredibly happy with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover behind them.

Kit initially shared a video of the trio from which the stills were pulled. In her post, she asked commenters, “What do you think of the Golden Couple?”

That post came right after another sweet snap of Theresa and Gerry. This time, they are standing in a living room while he embraces her for the photo.

She wrote, “On the most incredible high with my future husband! lots of interviews and Gerry is so happy not to do the interviews alone anymore. so am I.”

Gerry Turner is dodging questions about ex-girlfriend’s claims

Gerry Turner is on a post-proposal high right now, and nothing seems to bring him down from cloud nine.

Not even claims made by an ex-girlfriend that make The Golden Bachelor star look less than amazing.

A woman going by the pseudonym “Carolyn” said that Gerry got flirty with her just weeks after his late wife died. From there, a relationship blossomed and turned into a years-long thing, only to go sour after he weight-shamed her and then kicked her out of his house.

To make matters worse, “Carolyn” claims she injured her foot while moving her belongings without his help, only to have Gerry claim that she used the injury to prolong her move.

It’s a very different picture than the one Gerry painted for fans during his time on the show, where he made it seem that he was only not ready to date again after Toni’s death, but it turns out there were a string of women between Toni and Theresa.

Gerry played coy when asked about his past relationships and clarified that he’s just not interested in revisiting any of those old love interests as he embarks on a new life with Theresa.

The Golden Bachelor wedding special will air on Thursday, November 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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