The Golden Bachelor viewers blast Gerry Turner for breaking Leslie Fhima’s heart

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor finale
Gerry Turner is getting torn up on social media after dumping Leslie Fhima. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner is not seeing the same level of popularity that he became accustomed to throughout his season of The Golden Bachelor.

Over the last few weeks, he’s been criticized by Bachelor Nation for telling three women that he was in love with him.

But the real dealbreaker with many The Golden Bachelor viewers was when he told Leslie Fhima that she was the one during Fantasy Suites in Costa Rica, only to dump her on finale night.

Gerry had a change of heart after he left Leslie to spend the day — and the night — with Theresa Nist, and she opened up about her career and other aspects of her life that Gerry found more appealing in terms of a lifelong partner.

Perhaps it was the fact that Theresa hadn’t been intimate with anyone since her husband died, and Leslie confessed that she’d had sex within the last year. That seemed to make an impact on Gerry.

But just like slinging around the “L” word too freely, Bachelor Nation frowns upon telling someone they are “the one” only to change one’s mind in less than a day.

Bachelor Nation roasts Gerry Turner for hurting Leslie Fhima

Leslie Fhima was heartbroken after Gerry built her up to think she’d be getting that final rose and then dumped her on the finale.

And Bachelor Nation had her back as they shared their shock over the decision.

One X (formerly known as Twitter) user wrote, “Leslie has had probably the realest reaction of any runner up in Bachelor history. I don’t blame her.”

Gerry has impressed no one with his antics, and another X user pointed it out, writing, “so gerry told faith he loved her and sent her home. told leslie she was the one and broke up with her… he truly did lead these women on.”

Another blasted Gerry, writing, “gerry welcome to the poor decisions bachelor hall of fame,” comparing him to the likes of Clayton Echard, Peter Weber, and Zach Shallcross — some of the most criticized men in Bachelor history.

Leslie Fhima was crushed after Gerry Turner dumped her

After watching the heartbreaking scene where Gerry told Leslie he had fallen in love with Theresa, we got to see Jesse Palmer on stage with Leslie as they spoke live about what happened in Costa Rica.

The first thing Jesse asked her was, “How are you feeling?”

To which Leslie explained that she was devastated. After all, Gerry told her she was the one, and she believed she was the one.

She also revealed that she was “unapologetically” herself throughout the process and that losing Gerry when she did believe she was getting that final rose was a huge heartbreak.

There were some clues that Gerry had changed his mind after he returned from Fantasy Suites with Theresa, but Gerry explained it away as just being stressed as they hit the end of the season, and she believed him.

Leslie even said she picked out a nice dress and was looking ahead to the life she thought she would live with Gerry.

“He shot me so up that the fall was so much harder for me,” Leslie said about being dumped in The Golden Bachelor finale.

The Golden Bachelor is on hiatus.

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4 months ago

Where has everyone been. Since the very first episode of Bachelor, the “love” word had been thrown around many times. Each contestant knows the risks of coming on the show. Just like any date outside Bachelor you never know who the other party is dating and what is being said to each. Feelings changed by the end of each date. He must do what’s right for himself. We don’t know what his heart feels.

4 months ago
Reply to  Gina

Oh please! He’s the Golden Bachelor and we expect better of him. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame of the worst bachelors ever. He is old enough to know better.