The Golden Bachelor wedding: Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are getting married and we get to watch

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor finale
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are getting married. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor finale was a rollercoaster of emotions.

It started with Gerry telling Leslie Fhima that she wasn’t the one after all.

It didn’t go over well with Leslie, who had already picked out a special blue dress and wrote her vows.

Bachelor Nation wasn’t impressed either, taking to social media to put Gerry on blast for playing with multiple women’s emotions at the end of his season.

Then, things seemed to turn around when he came face to face with Theresa Nist.

He started his proposal in such a way that she initially thought she was being dumped, but then turned it around quickly before Theresa started crying.

But when Gerry proposed, tears flowed freely, and the two embraced before Gerry gave Theresa the final rose, which was plated in gold.

Jesse Palmer teased a big The Golden Bachelor announcement

We hoped for The Golden Bachelorette announcement, but that didn’t happen.

Instead, Gerry Turner revealed that he and Theresa Nist are getting married — as soon as possible.

As he put it, they don’t have a whole lot of time left, being that he’s 72 years old and she is 70, and they want to tie the knot as soon as possible.

That worked out perfectly because the announcement made just before this exciting reveal was that Gerry and Theresa were being gifted a trip to Italy, which will now serve as their honeymoon.

The even bigger news is that The Golden Bachelor’s first couple will be getting married in a televised special and that it’s coming up very soon.

Viewers may have missed the announcement because Jesse Palmer made it as the cameras were rolling and Gerry’s family took the stage to congratulate the happy couple.

The Golden Bachelor fans will want to tune in on January 4 to watch the first Golden Bachelor wedding special, where Gerry and Theresa will get married in front of Bachelor Nation.

That will precede the new season of The Bachelor starring Joey Graziadei.

Bachelor Nation was not impressed with Gerry Turner’s breakup with Leslie Fhima

Before Reality Steve released spoilers for The Golden Bachelor, Leslie Fhima was a frontrunner, with many thinking Gerry would give her the final rose.

He even told Leslie she was “the one,” leading her to believe the same.

Then, still in Costa Rica, Gerry changed his mind after a mind-blowing night with Theresa Nist that clarified that Theresa was the right match despite his falling in love with both women.

As Gerry explained to Leslie that she wouldn’t be getting the final rose — or the proposal — she broke down. She was sure she would be the one, especially since he’d told her as much.

And it’s safe to say that viewers were not happy with Gerry’s antics, as he’d already been heavily criticized for telling Leslie, Theresa, and Faith Martin that he was in love with all three of them.

The Golden Bachelor wedding special will air on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC,

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5 months ago

He is a narcissist. And this show supports that personality for ratings.

5 months ago

No one as really said how much Leslie’s dress really cost!!! Just curious.