The Golden Bachelor spoilers: Here’s who gets Gerry Turner’s final rose

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner’s final rose recipient has been revealed. Pic credit: ABC

We still have over a week until we officially find out who Gerry Turner gave his final rose to.

However, The Golden Bachelor spoilers have finally revealed who it is just in time for Turkey Day conversations.

It came down to Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist after Gerry sent Faith Martin home after Hometowns.

Gerry told Leslie during their date that he thought she was “the one,” and it seemed like his mind was made up.

Then, he left to spend the day and night with Theresa, who opened up to Gerry even more than ever before.

At that point, there was a noticeable energy shift, and The Golden Bachelor viewers were left with yet another cliffhanger as we were almost as sure as Leslie was that she would be Gerry’s final pick.

Reality Steve spoils The Golden Bachelor ending

If anyone is going to spoil a Bachelor show, it’ll be Reality Steve. And he came through again just in time with spoilers for The Golden Bachelor finale.

On Tuesday morning, he took to Instagram with the details about who Gerry is giving his final rose and his heart to — and it’s definitely not what we expected.

In the caption of his post, Reality Steve wrote, “(SPOILER) It’s finally here. Your Golden Bachelor Finale spoiler…”

The second slide said, “It’s taken a while, but I finally have been able to find out who Gerry chose…”

The third slide was the shocker, revealing that Gerry chose Theresa Nist from New Jersey, and they are engaged.

While Bachelor Nation seemed to be pulling for Leslie to take that final rose, Theresa does seem like a better fit for Gerry, considering they both live a slower lifestyle.

It seems Theresa clinched Gerry’s heart when she revealed that she had not been intimate with anyone since her husband died. Leslie had been with someone in the past year, and that didn’t seem to impress Gerry much.

Gerry Turner admits that he ‘failed’ himself as The Golden Bachelor winds down

Gerry Turner knows he screwed up near the end of his Golden Bachelor season.

Viewers criticized him for telling Faith Martin and Leslie Fhima he loved them during Hometowns.

Now, he’s admitting that he “failed himself” after leading on too many women with the “L” word.

In an interview with Variety, Gerry admitted that he went on this journey with the intent to only confess his love to one woman and be intimate with one woman.

We’re not sure what went down in the Fantasy Suites because, despite his failings, he’s still been a gentleman and told curious fans that it was none of their business.

But we can assume that some things happened because now that it’s all playing out on our TV screens, Gerry is opening up about his regrets.

Hopefully, he won’t regret giving that last rose to Theresa because she seems to be in love with him, and we’d really like to see their journey continue after the cameras have stopped rolling.

The Golden Bachelor returns on Thursday, November 30, at 8/7 on ABC.

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Barbara Kasparian
Barbara Kasparian
7 months ago

I think Gerry needs to just relax

Carole Eshelman
Carole Eshelman
7 months ago

Now that everything is over, he can get back to a normal life with his “Fiancee”. Wishing them both, the very best