Gerry Turner downplays bombshell claims from ex-girlfriend after The Golden Bachelor finale

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner isn’t worried about past relationships. Pic credit: ABC

The day before The Golden Bachelor finale, a report came out from one of Gerry Turner’s girlfriends that painted him in a terrible light.

It starkly contrasted with the guy we met and fell in love with on the newest Bachelor Nation spinoff.

He was accused of some seriously heartless behavior and of moving on too fast after his late wife’s death.

The timing of the bombshell allegations was pretty bad, with them coming out right before Gerry’s on-screen proposal to Theresa aired.

But that barely put a damper on their big day as Bachelor Nation tuned in and cheered for the happy couple.

Now that the celebration is over, Gerry is opening up about past relationships and doesn’t seem too bothered by the claims made against him.

Gerry Turner isn’t letting relationship claims bother him

Gerry is now on cloud nine after The Bachelor finale showed him breaking up with Leslie Fhima and proposing to Theresa Nist.

He and Theresa are getting married soon, and the big day will air for The Golden Bachelor fans on January 4.

With so much going on, Gerry isn’t letting the negative news get to him. He told Entertainment Tonight, “I don’t give it much thought. I’ve got to be honest, I just don’t give it a life.”

The Indiana native continued, “I have so many positives in my life right now. Right at this very moment, look what I have that is an equal partner to me! To get bogged down in the past, I just can’t go there, nor do I want to.”

What he didn’t do at all was address claims that he started flirting with a woman just weeks after Toni died. Nor did he address that they lived together until the end of 2019.

Gerry was blasted by The Golden Bachelor fans for the way he treated Leslie Fhima

While The Golden Bachelor fans may not pay too much attention to his ex-girlfriend’s claims, they are speaking out about how he handled his relationship with Leslie Fhima.

After calling her “his girl,” telling her that he loved her, and assuring her that she was “the one,” Gerry dumped her on finale night, telling her that he was in love with Theresa Nist instead.

It was a massive blindside to Leslie, who shared that she had picked out a $60,000 finale night dress that matched Gerry’s blue eyes and had already written her vows.

The Golden Bachelor viewers were also stunned and took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to air out their upset over the way things played out.

While Gerry did seem regretful of how things went down while he was in Costa Rica and when he sat face-to-face with Leslie during the live finale, he doesn’t seem all that bothered by that anymore either.

The Golden Bachelor wedding special will air on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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Caroline pattterson
Caroline pattterson
7 months ago

He needs to be shaven everyday,looks better. He needs a lesson on kissing not that I am an expert but I watch closely. And if there is gossip about him. Probably some of it may be true
He should not keep bringing his wife up Good luck

6 months ago

Theresa, there is your warning sign of how he treated Lesile. All those things he said to her he said later when she asked him that was how he felt “in the moment”. Leslie and the others dodge a bullet with his name on it. He was price shopping to she who was more financial stable in my opinion. The women that had family “emergencies and left in the beginning of the show may have had real emergencies but they also saw the writing on the wall and left suspecting who he real was and what the outcome was going to be. Please don’t get caught up in the hype and go through with this. The signs are there …be the smart lady you are and protect yourself and don’t do this. It’s not right.