Theresa Nist shares her reaction to Leslie Fhima’s The Golden Bachelor finale night elimination

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima were friends ahead of The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Theresa Nist is getting ready to marry Gerry Turner on live TV in less than a week.

She won the final rose and Gerry Turner’s heart after an upset during The Golden Bachelor finale where everyone, including Leslie Fhima, thought she would be getting that proposal instead.

Theresa has since been gushing about how excited she is to marry Gerry and spend the rest of her life with him.

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Ever since Gerry picked Theresa, the pair have been spending a lot of time together and hitting up several talk shows and podcasts to promote themselves and The Golden Bachelor ahead of their big day.

While they’ve discussed a lot about wedding planning and where they will live after the show, they’ve also spoken a lot about what happened on the show.

Gerry recently admitted how “awful” his proposal was, and even blamed it on producers, who prompted him to amp up the drama.

Theresa, for her part, has been talking about how she felt with her friend and competitor, Leslie Fhima, who was sent home in a shocking move on Gerry’s part.

Here’s how Theresa Nist feels about Leslie Fhima’s The Golden Bachelor elimination

Theresa Nist opened up on Live with Kelly and Mark about how she felt watching The Golden Bachelor back after winning her season and getting engaged to Gerry Turner.

She admitted that she hasn’t watched the finale back yet but did dish on how she felt when she learned that Lesie had been sent home.

“I really haven’t seen the final episode yet, so I’ve yet to see Leslie and that was a really difficult moment for me,” Theresa told Kelly and Mark. “I cried my eyes out that night.”

Previously, she opened up about Faith Martin’s surprise exit. The Golden Bachelor viewers were surprised when Gerry sent her home, and it turns out that Theresa was equally stunned to hear that her friend would be leaving the mansion.

She told Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, “I was shocked and I wish I could have [held] her and cried with her a little bit” in response to Faith not getting a rose after the Hometown Dates.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are getting married on television

The countdown is on for Gerry and Theresa’s The Golden Bachelor live wedding.

The pair previously revealed that getting married on TV wasn’t their plan initially but that they did it for their fans.

The big day is Thursday, January 4, at 8/7c, and it will air on ABC – as does the rest of the series.

We’re not sure who will officiate yet, but we’re hoping that Jesse Palmer will be on hand to do it. If not, maybe Susan Noles will step in. After all, that’s what she does for a living, and it would make for great TV!

The nuptials will take place at the La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, California, and we expect many familiar faces from Bachelor Nation to be in attendance.

The Golden Bachelor live wedding will air on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 month ago

This is who wanted him to pick ❤

Sara Timmons
Sara Timmons
28 days ago

I can’t imagine that they have fans🤣

26 days ago

I think that Theresa is a manipulative and conniving person. When she ran to Gerry and complained that Kathy had hurt her, she misrepresented the level of nastiness with which Kathy had said “zip it.” While she did not exactly lie, she did not honestly represent what had happened. Ever since then, I believed her to be untrustworthy and manipulative.