The Voice fans call out show for adding Saweetie to Playoff Advisors

saweetie face shot from the voice on nbc
Rapper Saweetie joined The Voice as one of the show’s mentors. Pic credit: NBC

Some of The Voice’s viewers expressed frustrations with Saweetie getting added to the show’s lineup.

The Voice has entered the playoffs, and the various talents have started receiving additional advice and assistance with their performances.

A recent episode of the singing competition show featured several of the judges choosing mentors for their teams.

Team Legend and Team Dan + Shay appeared in the most recent episode.

John Legend chose singer Maluma as his mentor for contestants, while Dan + Shay opted for rapper Saweetie.

However, the hip-hop star received mixed reactions from viewers, with some questioning her addition to the show.

Saweetie and Maluma join The Voice as mentors

In a video from The Voice, John Legend introduced his Superstar Playoff Advisor, Maluma, from Medellin, Colombia.

Maluma has won as a coach on The Voice. According to his remarks, he won during an edition of the show in Mexico and another in Colombia.

He praised Mafe, a fellow Latino, for her efforts to take her talent to the next level.

“For us coming to the States, becoming a big star is not easy. I just want to give a big applause to all the Latinos that are watching me right now. Guys, congratulations. We’re here working hard,” Malumo said as he looked at the camera.

While Maluma has been part of The Voice internationally, rapper Saweetie has never been on the show. However, Dan + Shay explained why they felt she was the right choice as a mentor for the talents.

“We chose to bring in Saweetie. She is amazing,” Dan said of their decision, adding, “Saweetie really cut through on social media, TikTok, Instagram. That’s a tough world.”

Many of The Voice contestants were excited when they entered the room and saw the Best Friend rapper. They recited song lyrics, hugged her, or talked about how they related to her music.

“She was coaching me. Thank you so much for joining us. Your advice was incredible,” Dan told Saweetie, mentioning the helpful “life advice” she gave the contestants.

Viewers call out Saweetie as a mentor on The Voice

Reactions to Saweetie’s appearance on Monday’s episode of The Voice ranged from loving it to being puzzled and not understanding the choice.

One Twitter commenter posted a classic GIF of Britney Spears from The X-Factor on Fox where she looks bewildered.

“Saweetie… as a mentor… for a singing show..and for Team Dan and Shay?? Who’s making these choices,” the viewer tweeted.

“What was saweetie doing on #TheVoice ? lol what is even going on right now lol,” another individual tweeted.

One Twitter commenter called it a “Ridiculous choice by Dan and Shay” and asked, “What the hell is a stripper who raps going to help actual singers with?”

screenshot shows twitter comments about saweetie on the voice
Pic credit: @junkie_show, @LukeEverhart1, & @virgo_chevell/Twitter

Several commenters said they liked seeing Saweetie on the show as a mentor.

“She spittin that wisdom to these contestants, baby!! She’s giving great advice! This shows that she’s not just a pretty face,” they tweeted.

Another Twitter user asked if Saweetie’s appearance as a mentor was a “test run” for her as a coach on The Voice, adding a “You Got Me Excited” GIF to her question.

During the episode, Dan + Shay even joked about adding a third chair so she could be a “permanent” part of The Voice with them. They also hinted at maybe doing a collaborative song to combine their genres of music.

As of this writing, there are no reports that the rapper is officially joining the show, but one never knows with how The Voice coaches come and go!

The Voice airs Mondays on NBC at 8/7c.

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