The Traitors 2 spoilers: Janelle shockingly reveals she accused four people of being Traitors at pivotal Roundtable

Janelle Pierzina Traitors
Janelle Pierzina appeared on the cast for The Traitors 2. Pic credit: Peacock

Janelle Pierzina took to Instagram Live to answer questions about her time on The Traitors 2. And she provided some shocking revelations from behind the scenes.

She got eliminated on the fifth episode after she called out three reality television stars at the Roundtable. It was a bold move that backfired. But she claims there were actually four people she called out.

Janelle and Sandra Diaz-Twine went after each other, trading barbs and accusing each other of being Traitors.

The castle also saw the arrival of Kate Chastain from Below Deck. Kate appeared on The Traitors Season 1 and was invited back to bring some drama.

But Kate saw some drama from the other ladies that led to Janelle getting Banished from the game.

Upcoming episodes have teased that more drama is coming, including people going after Dan Gheesling with accusations he is a Traitor (he is).

Janelle reveals more secrets about The Traitors

Taking to Instagram Live, Janelle shared answers to fan questions. It revealed some interesting details about the reality competition show.

Early on, Janelle mentioned that things were fine between her and Sandra despite what happened in Episode 5.

Janelle also revealed that she brought her own wardrobe. She explained that some other ladies had stylists who helped them out.

She also noted that she didn’t take anything personally that Dan Gheesling did to her in the game. The Big Brother alums are already joking on social media again.

Janelle said she realized Dan was a Traitor right after the first Mission. She didn’t go after him immediately because it was “too early” to do so, and losing her fellow Big Brother alum wasn’t good for her game.

Janelle called out Parvati Shallow at the Traitors Roundtable

A shocking revelation came when Janelle claimed she called out Survivor winner Parvati Shallow during that Episode 5 Roundtable.

That wasn’t in the episode, but Janelle said it happened when she fought with Dan, and Parvati had stepped in to defend him.

In the episode, Janelle was shown calling out Dan, Sandra, and CT from The Real World and The Challenge. But she claims Parvati also got called out.

According to Janelle, Parvati compared her to Cirie Fields, who had played Survivor four times without winning and then won The Traitors Season 1. Janelle had played Big Brother four times without winning before playing on The Traitors 2.

Janelle also said Bergie from Love Island USA went after Parvati at that Roundtable.

If people are already this suspicious of Dan and Parvati, it might be difficult for them to win The Traitors 2. That lost footage of Janelle calling out Parvati could have made for good television.

Deontay Wilder has revealed why he quit The Traitors 2. It was announced in Episode 4 that Deontay had chosen to leave the castle.

Previous episodes of The Traitors 2 are available for streaming on Peacock.

The Traitors 2 debuts new episodes Thursday at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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