Janelle takes a dig at Dan online after a huge fight on The Traitors 2

Dan Gheesling Traitors
Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling is on The Traitors Season 2. Pic credit: Peacock

The Traitors 2 pitted Big Brother legends Dan Gheesling and Janelle Pierzina against each other.

On Thursday night, Janelle made a move to get Dan out of the game, but he countered with a move of his own.

A tense disagreement happened at the Roundtable, with Janelle calling out Dan as a Traitor. He then shifted the spotlight back to her.

Janelle got banished on Episode 5 of The Traitors 2, ending her shot at winning a $250,000 prize.

Dan survived the vote (barely) and is now a primary target as the season continues. Can he escape the gaze of Peter Weber (The Bachelor) and Bergie (Love Island USA)?

The next episode of The Traitors 2 might see the Faithfuls finally eliminate a Traitor — unless they mess it up again.

Janelle and Dan react to The Traitors on social media

“One day @JanellePierzina and I will get on the same team,” Dan wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

His post referenced the duo being at odds on Big Brother 14 and The Traitors 2.

“This was a tough one – I kept too much separation from her in the game to avoid being targeted together & it backfired,” Dan opined about his decision-making.

“Wish we could have played longer but glad we got to play one final time together! #TheTraitorsUS,” he ended the note.

Dan Traitors Tweet
Dan tags Janelle in a social media thought. Pic credit: @DanGheesling/X

Janelle saw Dan’s tweet and responded almost immediately to it.

“We could have been on the same team Dan, you could have recruited me. Your secret would have been safe too,” Janelle exclaimed.

“Squid Games next?!? I’ll play ya in marbles. #TheTraitorsUS,” Janelle wrote.

Was that a dig? Because on Squid Game, the person who loses at the marbles game is killed.

Janelle Traitors Tweet
Janelle responds to Dan’s tweet. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/X

More from The Traitors 2

New episodes of The Traitors 2 will continue arriving on Thursday nights.

And a new guest arrived at the castle, as Below Deck’s Kate Chastain joined the cast.

She is there to cause drama, which happened as soon as she arrived at her first Roundtable.

Kate loved calling people out on the first season of The Traitors, which is probably why the producers brought her back.

Deontay Wilder revealed why he quit The Traitors 2. He walked away before the footage from Episode 4 was shown.

Previous episodes of The Traitors 2 are available for streaming on Peacock.

The Traitors 2 is streaming on Peacock.

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