The Nether Region claims two new victims on Big Brother 25

Julie Chen Moonves
Julie Chen Moonves is ready for the Summer 2024 season of Big Brother. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 25 introduced the Nether Region in the season premiere.

This is a new form of punishment on the show, where houseguests can be sent to spend time.

Cory Wurtenberger was pulled to the Nether Region by an arm on the season premiere.

He had performed poorly in an Endurance Challenge, and Cory spent an hour away from the other houseguests on premiere night.

Getting sequestered from the rest of the cast is a negative thing this early in the season. It means missing out on some timely chats with other players.

Host Julie Chen Moonves also warned the houseguests that they didn’t want to be the next person taken into the Nether Region.

New residents of the Nether Region

Below are some spoilers revealed on the Big Brother live feeds.

During the Week 2 Head of Household Competition, Jared Fields received a punishment.

Jared was sent to the Nether Region, where he remained for the next 12 hours. It was a lengthier stay than Cory had to experience, but it didn’t become a permanent residence.

When Jared resurfaced about 12 hours after the Head of Household Competition ended, another houseguest had to go to the Nether Region.

Jag Bains took Jared’s place in the Nether Region, where he remained for part of Friday.

When the Week 2 Nomination Ceremony was filmed later that day, Jag returned to the BB25 cast.

A twist was also presented, as Jared gave Jag safety by sending him to the Nether Region. Jag could not be placed on the block during Week 2 after going through his punishment.

So Jared and Jag each spent a bit of time in the Nether Region, but they were returned to the game without much fanfare.

Upcoming episodes will likely reveal more about what they experienced in the Nether Region, but it didn’t impact their games.

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