The Masked Singer rounds out Team Good with introduction of Armadillo

Armadillo on The Masked Singer
Armadillo on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

This season on The Masked Singer, there will be three five-person teams competing for the big prize.

These teams are The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly.

Team Cuddly finished up its five-person team with Miss Teddy and Team Bad introduced Three-Headed Hydra to conclude its lineup.

Now, Team Good has finished up its lineup with Armadillo as the fifth member.

Meet Armadillo on Team Good of The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer revealed Armadillo’s costume and it is a golden treat.

While last season The Masked Singer saved some of the costumes to bring in as Wildcard contestants, this season, all 15 are starting from Week 1.

Armadillo is a giant, gold costume with frill, jewels, and ornate designs on it. Check out the full costume here:

Armadillo on Masked Singer
Armadillo on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

Who is on Team Good on The Masked Singer?

Armadillo joins the previously announced McTerrier, The Frog Prince, and The Firefly, which all appeared on the sneak peek of The Masked Singer Season 7.

Ringmaster was also revealed on Instagram. This is a cat costume with a large top hat and a red costume that looks like a circus tent at the bottom.

While the two new costumes have no hints concerning who is wearing them, the three from the sneak peek offered their first clues.

Firefly has a power box near the abdomen that will light up. The first clue for Firefly is a tiara with three pink jewels in it.

“Maybe you’ll see me sparkle in something like this,” Firefly said, making some fans believe it is a music star, possibly known as a diva.

McTerrier is a Scottish dog with a red kilt and a blue shirt. The entire thing reminded fans of a United Kingdom rock star, and the actual clue was a guitar with the Union Jack flag on it.

“I hope this isn’t too much fuzz!” McTerrier said.

Finally, Prince is a frog, playing off the idea of the folktale of a prince being turned into a frog, looking for its true love’s kiss. The clue for Prince was a blue and white letterman jacket with the number 30 on it.

“Lessons over, pencils down,” Prince said.

The clues for the other two, and possibly more clues for the first three, should come when the show premieres next week.

The Masked Singer premieres on Wednesday, March 9, at 8/7c on Fox.

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