The Jersey Shore guys made Deena cry when she found out Angelina Pivarnick was on her way to Las Vegas

jersey shore guys make deena cry on jersey shore family vacation
Deena becomes upset after learning that Angelina Pivarnick will be joining the group on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Pic credit: MTV

On Jersey Shore Family Vacation, early tension arrived as it was revealed that Angelina Pivarnick would be joining the cast members during their time in Las Vegas.

Her arrival would likely lead to some of the first major drama of the new season of MTV’s show, although the Jersey Shore boys thought they were setting up a helpful reconciliation for the ladies.

It also led to Deena Nicole Cortese breaking down in tears upon learning this fact, as she had previously thought Angelina wouldn’t be attending the vacation and didn’t want her around for a very specific reason.

Deena cries upon learning of Angelina coming to Vegas

On the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, viewers watch things unfold as the guys reveal some unsettling news to Deena about who is on the way.

In the clip below, everyone’s having a pleasant meal together, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino comments how it’s been “such a great trip.”

“Angelina is on her way, and I feel like it’s almost like a hurricane about to come ashore. Right now is judgment day. We’re at lunch, and it’s time to break it to Deena. I don’t know how she’s going to take it,” The Situation says in a separate interview segment.

Back at the lunch scene, Mike breaks the shocking news to Deena as she tries to enjoy her meal.

“I just feel that’s honesty is the best policy,” The Situation says while addressing Deena. “Quite possibly Angelina’s maybe showing up very soon.”

“Angelina’s coming? Are you guys kidding?” Deena asks them after hearing the news. “My heart’s beating really fast.”

The news clearly didn’t sit well with Deena as she became upset after learning her nemesis would be there quarantining in Vegas with the group.

“The whole day was so nice, and now the boys drop this bomb on me,” Cortese says during her confessional. “This wasn’t even supposed to be a f***ing thing, and here I am, blindsided.”

At lunch, she explained to the guys that this particular meeting wasn’t something she was ready to do right now, especially at this early point in her pregnancy. After a few moments of nobody saying anything, Deena became visibly upset, breaking down in tears.

“Oh no, this was the worst-case scenario. I did not want to see a pregnant woman cry,” castmate Pauly D said during his confessional interview.

Angelina’s arrival comes during Deena’s pregnancy

Angelina’s big arrival comes after Deena made her own surprising announcement to the guys on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, as she revealed that she’s expecting her second child.

During one of the early episodes of the season, she also mentioned that she didn’t want Angelina around because she didn’t want to cause herself any extra stress while carrying her baby. The stress Deena was referring to was due to how things were left unresolved between her and her castmate on Angelina’s wedding night.

Deena, along with friends Jenni “JWoww” Farley and former castmate Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, gave a notorious speech during Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding. Angelina initially seemed to laugh about and enjoy the speech, however, she became upset over it after seeing how it affected her husband when he heard what the girls had to say about her.

At the wedding, Deena attempted an apology, with Angelina not interested in her attempt. That led to Deena becoming upset and vowing to never film with her again. It also led to Snooki telling Deena that she was done being part of Jersey Shore.

The famous saying “never say never” comes into play, as Deena and Angelina did indeed film together again, possibly bringing Jersey Shore fans the drama they’ve been waiting for this season.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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