The Golden Bachelor viewers blast Gerry Turner for leading Leslie and Theresa on

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
The Golden Bachelor viewers are criticizing Gerry Turner for leading the women on. Pic credit: ABC

Gerry Turner is quickly becoming a problematic Bachelor star, and The Golden Bachelor viewers are calling him out for it.

It all started in Costa Rica during his date with Leslie Fhima when Gerry told her she was “the one.”

It seemed like the finale was set and that a proposal to Leslie was a sure thing.

Then, The Golden Bachelor took a huge turn.

It was time for Gerry’s date with Theresa Nist, and it seemed like the whole thing would be a drag.

Gerry admitted early on that as he was sitting there with Theresa, he couldn’t help but wonder what Leslie was doing — again making it look like Lesie would be the winner, and Gerry was just fulfilling his obligation to spend time with Theresa.

But, at this point, we should already know that it’s not over until it’s over, and Theresa wasn’t going out without a fight.

When Theresa spilled her heart to Gerry, the tides turned, and it seems that Gerry may have changed his mind after spending the night together in the Fantasy Suite.

Now, we must wait to find out if Gerry is torn between Leslie and Theresa or if this is all production to keep viewers guessing until the finale.

Either way, viewers are upset, and many are taking to social media to blast Gerry for leading on both women and letting them both think a proposal is coming.

The Golden Bachelor viewers blast Gerry Turner

One viewer summarized the general reaction to Gerry’s latest mistake by writing, “Nooo not Gerry in the bed with Teresa after telling Leslie she’s THE ONE.”

It seems everyone was thinking it because another X user wrote, “gerry telling leslie she’s the one and then going on an overnight with theresa anyway.”

Another wrote, “Gerry, you can’t tell everyone you love them and that they’re the one.”

Who will Gerry Turner pick on The Golden Bachelor finale?

The winner of The Golden Bachelor has been one of the best-kept secrets in Bachelor history.

We still don’t know (for certain) who Gerry picks or if he proposes. We do know that Gerry did find love, as he already confirmed that.

Based on hints, body language, and just a bit of intuition, we predicted who might win The Golden Bachelor. If you want to know who Monsters and Critics picked as the winner ahead of the big day, click here.

Remember, there is no new episode next week, as it’s Thanksgiving, and the show will take a break. Come back on Thursday, November 30, to see who wins the season and Gerry’s heart.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Amy Hansford
Amy Hansford
7 months ago

I don’t think he should of told either one he loved them & till he was 100% sure,
And not go to the room & lead them on,
It’s his choice to who he picks,
His life,,
Just hope they are happy ,
And the on3 he does not pick are hurt to much,
Hard choices for sure,