The Golden Bachelor spoilers: Gerry Turner teases ‘knockin boots’ in the Fantasy Suites

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
Gerry Turner is ready to get to know Theresa and Leslie a little better. Pic credit: ABC

We’ve made it to the Fantasy Suites on the first season of The Golden Bachelor.

Based on a sneak peek shared ahead of the big episode, it looks like things will get pretty steamy.

As we get closer to The Golden Bachelor finale, Gerry has a tough decision to make.

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He has admitted that he’s fallen in love with more than one woman and made the biggest Bachelor faux pas of telling two of them during Hometown Dates.

Then, Gerry sent one of those women, Faith Martin, home and gave his two remaining roses to Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist.

Next week, the trio heads to Costa Rica for some fun in the sun, senior romance, and apparently a bit of heartbreak.

Gerry Turner is ready for some pillow talk

Gerry Turner looks optimistic as he hops out of the black SUV and looks at his surroundings in Costa Rica.

He’s ready to determine which women will be his best match, but the trailer suggests this won’t be an easy choice.

The scenery is spectacular as he declares his love for Theresa before going in for a kiss.

Then, the scene changes, and we see Gerry on horseback with Theresa and rappelling down a cliff with Leslie.

After a montage of kissing scenes, Gerry heads to the Fantasy Suites and teases, “People want to know what happens in the Fantasy Suites.”

But we already know what happens. Sometimes, a lot, and sometimes nothing. We’re betting with Gerry it’ll be somewhere in between

Then again, he’s surprised us before, especially after he initially claimed there wouldn’t be nearly as much kissing as he’s been doing throughout the season.

During a conversation with Jesse Palmar, Gerry shares, “I really love the idea of pillow talk, but people my age still knock boots.”

Then, Leslie asks Gerry when he had sex last. His reaction is priceless, and it teases that there may be some fantasy fulfillment in those Fantasy Suites – if you know what I mean.

Both women are ready to accept a proposal, which makes Gerry’s decision equally hard. And we can’t help but think that The Golden Bachelor producers are trying to trick us when they show him telling Leslie that he thinks she’s the one. Does that mean our prediction is correct? Or were we duped?

Romance and Heartbreak Reach New Heights on Next Week’s Episode of ‘Golden Bachelor’ in Costa Rica

Here’s why The Golden Bachelor viewers think Faith Martin might be The Golden Bachelorette

Sadly, Faith Martin was sent home after Hometown Dates and a cliffhanger that made us wait until the Women Tell All for answers.

Faith came face-to-face with Gerry for the first time since going home, and she revealed that the lack of closure bothered her most.

It was a very emotional moment where Faith and Gerry shed tears, and he apologized for breaking a promise to her family not to break her heart.

However, Faith has since admitted that a relationship with Gerry may not have worked out anyway, and she even threw her hat in the ring for The Golden Bachelorette after declaring that she still believes in the process.

Because Gerry told Faith that he loved her during the Hometowns, some The Golden Bachelor viewers think she was set up to be the first The Golden Bachelorette lead, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

Other fans of the show are calling for Susan Noles, though. Joan Vassos has also expressed interest, but if she does it, she wants to bring a friend from the mansion with her to do a dual season.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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20 hours ago

The brutal scene with Leslie was unnecessary. He was over the top with all the kissing and telling women he loved them. At 64 I married the love of my life. So it can happen but the show may not have the happy ending once they are out of the spotlight.