Joan Vassos wants to be The Golden Bachelorette lead alongside her old bunkmate

Joan Vassos on The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All
Joan Vassos is interested in The Golden Bachelorette but she wants to bring a friend. Pic credit: ABC

At this point, The Golden Bachelorette is nearly a sure thing.

While the show still hasn’t been greenlit, we expect that announcement to happen in the coming weeks.

It would be disappointing if it didn’t happen after the immense success of The Golden Bachelor.

So far, Gerry Turner, Jesse Palmer, and even co-showrunner Jason Ehrlich are on board for the spinoff.

Faith Martin already volunteered herself for the lead role on The Golden Bachelorette.

But now, Joan Vassos has also shown interest, and if she does the show, she doesn’t want to do it alone.

Joan Vassos revealed who she’d want to share The Golden Bachelorette role with

Chatter about The Golden Bachelorette has been getting louder since The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All, and we can imagine an announcement for it will be coming soon.

Joan Vassos said she’d be interested in taking on the lead role, telling Bustle, “I wouldn’t hate [having] more than one.”

She meant more than one lead like Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette.

As far as who Joan would like to share the top spot with, she named her bunkmate from the mansion Sandra Mason.

Sandra missed her daughter’s wedding to stay on The Golden Bachelor and reached the top six. But when Gerry whittled his women down to the top there, Sandra didn’t get a rose.

One thing Joan said she wouldn’t do this time around is take the top bunk. On the show, she volunteered since Sandra had a double knee replacement and didn’t want to be climbing up and down.

Joan Vassos wanted to return to The Golden Bachelor

We also learned this week that Joan Vassos wanted to return to The Golden Bachelor after leaving to care for her daughter, who had just given birth.

Joan shared that her daughter was dealing with postpartum depression and that she had to go help her get help. She planned only to be gone for a few days and said The Golden Bachelor producers supported bringing her back.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get help for her daughter fast enough and had to stay back to help ensure she got doctors’ appointments that were too delayed for her to return.

Bachelor Nation would have loved to see Joan come back because she was a clear frontrunner at the time, and Gerry seemed to bond with her after the one-on-one date they enjoyed the night before she left.

After she went home, there were even calls for her to be The Golden Bachelorette lead.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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