The Golden Bachelor fans worried about Faith Martin after skin cancer diagnosis reveal

Faith Martin on The Golden Bachelor Women Tell All
Faith Martin recently revealed her battle with skin cancer. Pic credit: ABC

Faith Martin captured the hearts of viewers when she fell in love with Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor.

Many felt that she was Gerry’s best match, but after the Hometown Dates, he sent her home in a cliffhanger episode that wasn’t resolved until the Women Tell All.

When Gerry came face-to-face with Faith for the first time since that rose ceremony, she told him that he left her without closure after previously confessing he was in love.

Gerry, in turn, apologized to Faith for breaking his promise to her family to not break her heart.

Since her time on the show, Faith has been opening up more about life and love, even doing a lengthy interview for the radio station where she works.

Most recently, she popped up on Instagram with a bandaged nose and a health update that has worried fans of The Golden Bachelor.

Faith Martin cautions followers to wear sunscreen as she dines between skin cancer treatments

Faith shared a video on Instagram where she was with her son while she wore a white bandage on her nose. The two were clearly enjoying each other’s company as Faith explained that she was between skin cancer treatments.

She joked that she should remove the bandage to show her followers what it really looked like underneath before looking into the camera and saying, “This is why you need to wear sunscreen.”

She continued to explain what she had done before adding, “You should see it though, it’s like a hole.”

“It was skin cancer,” Faith explained after her son prompted her to tell her fans exactly what was going on. “Luckily, it was basal cell carcinoma. This is why I should have worn sunscreen my whole life.”

She blamed the diagnosis on “too much riding horses in the summer by the river without any sunscreen.”

The Golden Bachelor fans prove Faith is relatable, yet again

Faith Martin isn’t the only one dealing with skin cancer, but she has proved to be one of the most relatable Golden Bachelor stars.

As followers commented on her latest Instagram updates, they let her know they, too, have dealt with treatment and know what she’s currently going through.

One fan wrote, “You are so stinking cute. I had the same thing on my left side of my nose treated and now I have a little dent but I guess it’s better than skin cancer lol.”

Another assured Faith that her diagnosis was common, writing, “Yep~ it’s just what happens when we get this age & love the outdoors ☀️So sorry but it will be fine when healed up.”

Comments on Faith Martin's post
Fans show their support. Pic credit: @faithmartin/Instagram

Faith’s post racked up thousands of likes and hundreds more comments as her followers empathized with her skin cancer journey as she remained in great spirits.

She later made light of the bandage on her face with another photo from the airport. In the caption, she wrote, “You should see the OTHER Guy!! (It hurts when I laugh!)😂 Being recognized in security line at airport! This is embarrassing.”

The Golden Bachelor viewers recognized her – even with that big bandage across her nose.

Faith didn’t reveal where she’s heading this time, but she’s been very busy since finding reality TV fame on the ABC dating show.

The Golden Bachelor wedding airs on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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