Faith Martin reveals which The Golden Bachelor woman she didn’t like at first but loves now

Faith Martin on The Golden Bachelor
Faith Martin is spilling the tea on The Golden Bachelor women. Pic credit: ABC

Faith Martin had her heart broken on The Golden Bachelor when Gerry Turner moved forward with Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist instead.

But the silver lining is that she gained a few friends on the journey.

After appearing on the Women Tell All special, where viewers learned that she was the one Gerry sent home after the Hometown Dates, Faith has been sharing more details about her experience.

One of the best parts of The Golden Bachelor was the women — even Gerry commented on how friendly they all were with each other.

Faith reiterated that as she talked about bonding with the other ladies, some of whom she’s grown closer to than others.

But she shared that one woman really surprised her, and now, Faith thinks the world of her after The Golden Bachelor experience.

Faith Martin opens up about the one woman she was wrong about

Faith spilled the tea upon her return home as she visited the radio station where she works for an interview.

While speaking with Adam and Jen from 94.9 The Wolf, Faith opened up about staying in The Golden Bachelor mansion and interacting with the other women there.

Jen asked Faith if she made any “real connections” while staying in the mansion, and while Faith agreed that she, like Jen, doesn’t keep many close friends who are women, she did find several there.

Then, Faith shared a story about the one woman who really surprised her.

“There were women that I felt closer to and or loved more than others”, Faith said before continuing. “And then it was funny because some of them…rubbed me the wrong way right out the gate, I ended up loving them the most.”

Then, Faith shared who that woman was, saying, “The one woman that I thought ‘oh my gosh she’s gonna drive me crazy and I don’t really like her right now’ she’s one that I feel so much love for and I feel like she doesn’t really like me all that well,”

It turns out that the woman Faith is talking about is Ellen, who went home just before Faith did and had The Golden Bachelor viewers demanding that she be the first The Golden Bachelorette lead.

We’ll have to wait and see if Faith and Ellen can grow closer as friends.

Check out the full interview below.

Gerry Turner has a big regret heading into The Golden Bachelor finale

With Faith Martin out of the picture, Gery Turner is down to just Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist for his final two.

On November 30, when the show returns, Gerry will share which of the women he chose to be his person, and, hopefully, he will propose to her.

Gerry has previously confirmed that he did find love, and we can’t wait to find out with whom.

But he also shared in a recent sneak peek that he has some major regrets about the season.

Perhaps if he hadn’t been so free in telling multiple women that he loved them, he wouldn’t have felt so much regret — which he admitted caused him pain that was only second to what he felt when he lost his wife.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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