The Golden Bachelor spoilers: Gerry Turner shares regrets as he makes final choice

Gerry Turner at The Golden Bachelor finale
Gerry Turner has the hardest decision to make yet. Pic credit: ABC

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we have a two-week wait for The Golden Bachelor finale.

When it comes back, we finally learn who Gerry Turner chooses and whether there is an engagement.

Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist have said they will accept his proposal if Gerry gets down on one knee.

And despite telling Leslie that she’s “the one,” Gerry threw us a curveball during Fantasy Suites and decided that he’s not ruled out Theresa either.

That didn’t sit well with viewers, who know that one woman will be crushed by all of this, especially since Gerry has made both of them feel like they are the one for him.

But Gerry does make a choice between Leslie and Theresa and has already teased The Golden Bachelor fans, telling them that he did find his person.

Gerry Turner is about to break a heart

The Golden Bachelor finale is an exciting time for viewers and for Gerry, who is about to embark on a whole new life.

Unfortunately, it means that one of the women is about to get her heart broken. Both of them have admitted that they are in love with Gerry and have said they will be crushed if he doesn’t pick them.

Let the crushing begin because Gerry can only leave with one, and he reveals that the pain he feels after making this decision is the second worst of his life — only following the death of his wife. That’s rough!

In The Golden Bachelor sneak peek shared ahead of the finale, Gerry also claims that if he’d known “how much pain this would cause,” he’d have never even started.

At one point, Gerry admits, “I think I made a mistake.”

We also see Leslie walking away from him in the spot where he would propose. Did he pick Theresa instead? That would be quite a shocker since nearly everyone thought Leslie was the one — even Leslie — but that’s because Gerry told her as much.

The Golden Bachelor viewers take aim after Gerry leads Leslie and Theresa on during Fantasy Suites

Gerry is facing backlash after Fantasy Suites, with viewers comparing him to younger Bachelor stars who use the Fantasy Suites as a chance to get intimate with everyone.

The biggest criticism, though, is that Gerry first told Leslie that she was “the one” before his big day with Theresa, where he also told her that he loved her.

We all expected so much more from a man his age, and while Gerry really won viewers over at the beginning of the season and held them there for weeks, it seems he’s losing support now.

The Golden Bachelor returns on Thursday, November 30 at 8/7c on ABC.

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Jan Comiskey
Jan Comiskey
6 months ago

I don’t think he is ready yet!!! Maybe later on he will decide or find love on his own!!!