The Challenge’s Turbo Camkiran calls out Devin Walker following Ride or Dies reunion

turbo camkiran calls out devin walker following ride or dies reuenion
The Challenge’s Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran continues to fire off comments at Ride or Dies castmate Devin Walker. Pic credit: MTV

During The Challenge: Ride or Dies season, Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran quickly rubbed many of his castmates the wrong way, making him an easy target to send into elimination.

He had early spats or misunderstandings with castmates Laurel Stucky, Nany Gonzalez, and Johnny Bananas.

The latter two were involved in choosing which team to send into The Zone for elimination in Episode 2 and opted for Turbo due to his unwillingness to communicate with them.

His abrasive behavior led to an early elimination in an event where most of the cast was against him as they yelled from the upper stands, helping the rookie team facing Turbo and his teammate, Tamara Alfaro.

Even after his exit episode aired, Turbo continued to talk trash from afar, posting messages or photoshopped images on social media to call out many of his castmates as scared or “p***y chickens.”

He brought more of that energy in his return for the Ride or Dies reunion, appearing in the second part of the two-part special with a video he created to roast the cast.

Even with the reunion episodes aired and Ride or Dies season over, he’s still going at it with one castmate: Devin Walker.

Turbo calls out The Challenge: Ride or Dies winner Devin Walker

Last month, Monsters and Critics reported that Turbo called out the Ride or Dies cast with a photoshopped photo in which he had many of his Ride or Dies castmates’ faces on chickens with Devin’s face on a woman in lingerie feeding the chickens.

The image was Turbo showing that his castmates are “p***y chickens,” a term he throws at them often during confessionals or social media rants.

That prompted Devin to fire back, with comments suggesting that Turbo was scared of him during their season of MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

As of Thursday, March 2, Turbo fired back at Devin’s February tweet remarks, suggesting they would settle things back on The Challenge.

“Okay,now u can put your beer glass down drunk fat dog!I would love to see u talk to me like this in person?we all know how you really are face to face,I couldn’t even count the amount of times you came to apologize to me·OneDayWe will settle this in contact elimination.c u then,” Turbo tweeted.

“Eat my b*tt,” Devin fired back to keep the rivalry going on Twitter.

turbo camkiran versus devin walker on twitter
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

The Ride or Dies season was the first time Devin and Turbo were castmates, and their one exchange shown in an episode was brief but uncomfortable. During an elimination moment where players up for elimination had to randomly pull daggers from a rock to find the “Safe” one, Devin made a joke about the weapon involving Turbo.

It caused Turbo to ask Devin what he meant by the remark several times, and Devin apologized from the stands at The Zone. However, things continued beyond that, likely due to Turbo hearing other comments Devin made about him in his Ride or Dies confessionals or seeing stuff he posted on social media.

Turbo roasted his Challenge castmates in a video shared at the reunion

In the Ride or Dies Reunion Part 2, host Maria Menounos started things off with a tease that Turbo would join the cast in-studio. Instead, he’d sent in a video he created in which he ran down many of the Ride or Dies cast members.

That included calling Devin, Bananas, and Jordan Wiseley “p***y chickens” and comparing them to trash that needed to be disposed of. He called his former friend Nany “cheap” and said Tori Deal needs two social media accounts to have “one for each face.”

He also said if everyone there considered themselves “Challengers,” then that makes him “The Challenge” since they all had to work together to defeat him.

The Challenge shared part of Turbo’s video on Twitter, and the War of the Worlds winner retweeted it with another message.

“SEE YOU LATER,” he tweeted with emojis for a devil and coming soon.

“Next time it’s gonna be very different. ‘I respect all my haters in this game they are the only ones who think I am the best,'” Turbo wrote.

Next on the agenda for The Challenge will be the World Championship spinoff series which features 14 MTV Legends and 16 MVPs. Among the Legends are notable stars from the franchise, including Jordan, Bananas, Wes Bergmann, Jonna Mannion, Tori, and KellyAnne Judd. Turbo and Devin aren’t among the cast members, so their feud will have to continue on social media.

The Challenge: World Championship premieres Wednesday, March 8, on Paramount Plus.

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