The Challenge’s Turabi ‘Turbo’ Camkiran hospitalized, shares cryptic message about life and death

turabio turbo camkiran during mtv the challenge ride or dies
Former The Challenge winner Turbo during the Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran has fans and castmates wondering what happened with his health, as he recently shared images from the hospital.

The former winner of The Challenge: War of the Worlds shared photos of himself in a hospital gown and bed while hooked up to a monitor.

In addition, he shared a video clip of himself wearing a winter hat and long sweatshirt. He held onto a rolling monitor and IV stand as someone assisted him with walking around the hospital.

Turbo, 35, geotagged the post in Hollywood, California, and included a cryptic caption in Turkish talking about his life and recovery.

However, it seemingly brought more questions than answers as it didn’t reveal details about his health situation.

Castmates also reached out with supportive comments for the recent Ride or Dies competitor, including WOTW finalists Wes Bergmann and Theo Campbell.

the challenge star turbo shares health scare photo
Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran shares an IG photo post of hospitalization. Pic credit: @turabi/Instagram

The Challenge’s Turbo posts cryptic remarks about life and death

Turbo’s caption, translated from Turkish via Instagram, mentions Azrael, the Archangel of Death, several times throughout his message. The Challenge star also talked about how he plans to live his life and apologized to anyone whose heart he broke.

“Texted Azrael; ‘Come get me! ‘by. He also sent a message; ‘Your smile is a problem to those who cannot bear you. Throw the hell out of them!’ It’s a joke. He took my message seriously. He almost took me, the opposite of his honor. You bet you don’t mess with Azrael. It was an accident, it shall pass. I will come back stronger inshallah. Bye for now,” he wrote in his caption.

turabi turbo camkiran shares video clip from hospitalization
A screenshot of Turbo’s video shows him walking with help at a hospital. Pic credit: @turabi/Instagram

Turbo suggested that whatever happened with his health was due to some of the things he’s posted on social media and the “crazy life” he lives. He also vowed to settle down before the end of 2024.

“This has happened to me because I always make explicit posts and live a crazy life. REPENTANCE from now on. If I survive immortal, I will find the woman of my life and press on the marriage immediately. Before 2024 ends, I’m gonna get married, have a broke kid & live a humble life with my family. And if there is something I postpone and haven’t done, I will do them as soon as they get up,” his caption said, translated from Turkish.

He concluded his message by saying that “Prayers are clear” and “Life is short,” closing with, “Sorry if I broke anyone’s heart. I’ve done it out of my ignorance.”

turbo captions hospitalization post translated
Caption from Turbo’s IG post translated from Turkish to English. Pic credit: @turabi/Instagram

As of this writing, it’s unknown why Turbo was hospitalized. Monsters and Critics reached out to Turbo for comment about his health situation, but he had not responded at the time of this report’s publication.

The Challenge stars show support for their hospitalized castmate

With Turbo’s recent post, several of his former castmates from War of the Worlds 1 and War of the Worlds 2 showed concern and support amid his mysterious health situation.

“What happened!? My thoughts are with you brother,” Wes wrote.

“sending you love & hope you get better,” Nicole Bass commented.

Hunter Barfield sent “prayers,” as did Leroy Garrett, who commented with an emoji of praying hands.

“Bro?” Theo Campbell wrote, offering heart and praying hand emojis.

the challenge castmates react to turbo hospitalization
Pic credit: @turabi/Instagram

Turbo last appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies with his friend, teammate Tamara Alfaro. While Tamara got along with castmates, Turbo became difficult and rubbed several of the show’s stars the wrong way, including Laurel Stucky, Johnny Bananas, and Nany Gonzalez.

With that, the former War of the Worlds winner was an early elimination, as he and Tamara lost a battle to the rookie duo of Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez.

Following his exit, Turbo continued to mock and call out castmates who he felt talked trash about him on the show. They included Bananas, Nelson Thomas, Devin Walker, and others from the season, who were among castmates he called out during a video he sent into The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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