The Challenge’s Tori Deal blasted by fans after calling out Season 39 star for ‘cheating’

tori deal face shot from the challenge season 39
The Challenge viewers blasted Tori Deal after her appearance in a Season 39 moment. Pic credit: MTV

Tori Deal faced backlash from fans of The Challenge following her recent appearance on the MTV competition series.

She’s become known as a regular on the show, and one of the top competitors, but some of her critics might sometimes feel she can be a bit too much.

The Ride or Dies winner arrived in Episode 9 as the latest in a line of Challenge champions who would participate in an elimination at The Arena.

It was a single-episode appearance for Tori, much like appearances by other show winners, including Jordan Wiseley, Kaycee Clark, and Devin Walker.

If Tori won, she would eliminate the main cast member she faced from the show and also collect $10,000 of the cast’s overall prize purse.

However, Tori’s appearance also came with a message for one of the show’s cast members, which seemed to irritate some of the show’s viewers.

Tori called out cast member’s cheating on Season 39

In Tori’s appearance at The Arena, she could face Season 39 cast members Coleen Schneider or Melissa Reeves, as they’d been nominated for the elimination. There was also the chance she could pick the Chaos weapon at The Draw and get to choose.

However, Tori drew Melissa’s name, setting up an elimination battle against the former Total Madness finalist. They’d compete in an event where the women had to gather puzzle pieces in a tank full of water and recreate the puzzle as it appeared underwater.

Tori ultimately won the event as she assembled her puzzle correctly first while Melissa was still trying to put hers together. That meant it was time for Melissa to leave the show, just one episode after her friend Big T Fazakerley was eliminated.

Meanwhile, Tori’s comments to cast member Moriah Jadea provided a bit of drama and emotional moments. Tori somehow became aware that Moriah was in a “fling” with cast member James Lock and told her that Johnny Bananas was “heartbroken” over finding out.

“Moriah, what the f*** dude? This is not good. He’s heartbroken. Heartbroken dude. Heartbroken,” Tori said before her elimination event, mouthing the words toward Moriah, who was in the upper stands.

That got Moriah feeling emotional and crying a bit over the situation as castmates consoled her.

Following Tori’s elimination win, she encouraged Moriah, telling her to stay strong and keep her head in the game.

Viewers blast Tori for calling out Moriah’s ‘cheating’

Fans quickly addressed Tori’s call out in Episode 9, as many suggested that she’s cheated before.

“Tori calling someone out for cheating is crazy !! like you been cheating on your bfs,” one commenter wrote.

“Tori is whack as hell for doing that to Moriah,” another said.

screenshot of fan calling out tori for cheating segment in the challenge season 39 episode 9
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

In a lengthy comment, a fan called out Tori, saying Bananas was “heartbroken while he was filming a show during the challenge filming!!”

“Johnny is a cheater so he deserves to be cheated on and tori you are the last person to talk about cheating because you are a serial cheater,” they wrote in part of the comment.

screenshot shows fan calling out tori deal and johnny bananas cheating story on season 39 of the challenge
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Additional commenters expressed frustration over how Tori called out Moriah, with one saying, “acting like she doesn’t have a new fling every season and not to mention her cheating history.”

“Tori went in there to tell Moriah that she hurt big head johnny, not koo Tori mind your business you did the same to your ex Derrick,” a commenter wrote.

fan called out tori deal over season 39 cheating comments
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Bananas and Tori have a history of showmances during their time on The Challenge. Tori notably competed on the show with her boyfriend Derrick Henry, but as a commenter mentioned, she cheated on him with Jordan Wiseley.

Tori and Jordan went on to date and get engaged, but the relationship ended amid rumored allegations that Tori cheated with castmate Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat.

She denied that cheating happened several times, indicating that she and Jordan grew apart and realized they no longer wanted to be in a relationship.

Since then, viewers have seen Tori in showmances with castmates Emanuel Neagu on Spies, Lies & Allies, and Sebastian Noel on The Challenge: USA 2.

Bananas has previously had showmances with castmates, including Natalie Negrotti, Angela Babicz, and Morgan Willett.

The latter was a lengthy relationship in which Bananas and Morgan lived together, but she ultimately ended that when she discovered he cheated on her.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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