The Challenge star Devin Walker blasts cast member as ‘absolute fraud’ on Season 39

devin walker face shot from the challenge season 39 episode 7
Devin Walker appears in a confessional during The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion. Pic credit: MTV

Following his appearance on Season 39 of The Challenge, Devin Walker called out one of the show’s competitors as an “absolute fraud.”

Devin, who won MTV’s Ride or Dies season alongside Tori Deal, returned for Battle For a New Champion.

His appearance was brief as he showed up as a surprise champion to compete in one of the show’s elimination events at The Arena.

While there, he was the first competitor to randomly select a “Chaos” weapon at The Draw, which allowed him to choose any male opponent he wanted.

After surveying the available men he could choose, he called out Callum Izzard as his random opponent. He then eliminated him from the show and won $10,000 of the cast’s prize purse before he left.

However, a recent episode featured another cast member comparing himself to Devin, which led to the Ride or Dies champ blasting him online.

Devin calls Season 39’s competitor an ‘absolute fraud’

In Episode 9 of MTV’s Battle For a New Champion, viewers saw Asaf Goren boasting about his abilities to outwit his castmates.

An early conversation showed him talking with Melissa Reeves, whom he’d connected with because they were parents away from home for The Challenge.

Melissa believed that due to her friendship with Asaf, he wouldn’t mention her name as a potential elimination target if he voted. In his confessional interview, Asaf said that Melissa thought he was her ally when, in fact, he was working with the US players.

He ended up on the winning team during the daily challenge along with Ravyn Rochelle and Zara Zoffany. Once they gained the power to put one woman up for possible elimination, they arrived at Melissa as their choice.

Melissa felt betrayed by Asaf, and her showmance, Kyland Young, called him out, creating a brief argument.

A confessional interview in the episode probably caught Devin’s attention when Asaf compared his game abilities to Devin’s. The show’s production also merged Asaf and Devin’s faces for the segment.

devin walker and asaf goren faces merged during the challenge season 39 episode 9 confessional scene
Asaf pondered if he might be the “new Devin” during The Challenge 39, Episode 9. Pic credit: MTV

Taking to social media after the episode aired, Devin called out Asaf for the comparison.

“I’ve gotta say @asafgoren1 playing a real weak/scared/borderline pathetic game this season. Our gameplay has NOTHING in common. I don’t use people, I pick my squad early and roll with them thru the good, bad and ugly. He is an absolute FRAUD. Has been for a while,” Devin wrote.

Asaf called out Devin to battle him on The Challenge

Upon seeing Devin’s remarks about him on Twitter, Asaf fired back on social media, calling him out for a future battle on the show.

“Come after next season,” Asaf wrote with a cat emoji, suggesting his use of an explicit word for some name-calling.

screenshot shows asaf goren calling out devin for a future season of the challenge
Pic credit: @asafgoren1/Twitter

Asaf followed it up with another message calling Devin out, telling him, “Let’s see if ur a real man @MTVDevinWalker Me, you first elimination Next season U Wiesel.”

“Eat my a**, ur music sucks,” Devin wrote in a brief response.

screenshot of back and forth twitter messages between asaf goren and devin walker
Pic credit: @asafgoren1/Twitter

Will Asaf return to MTV’s The Challenge?

Another reality TV appearance is a big deal for Asaf, as he had a lengthy hiatus from the show. Based on his tweets above, he seemed to suggest a battle with Devin on Season 41, as he said, “after next season.”

That could mean that Asaf didn’t get a call for Season 40 or turned down the opportunity to return for it.

In a Twitter message a week before his back-and-forth with Devin, Asaf responded to a fan who suggested he shouldn’t return to The Challenge.

“I promise I won’t,” Asaf said, although one has to wonder if he was being serious as he’s also indicated he loves The Challenge.

screenshot from twitter as asaf goren replies to challenge fan about not coming back to the show
Pic credit: @asafgoren1/Twitter

His appearance on Battle For a New Champion is his second on The Challenge. He previously appeared on Total Madness, where he was sent into the first elimination and lost to Jay Starrett.

He’s survived longer in the game on Season 39, although there are more champions on the way, hungry to take out cast members who have never won the show.

It’s unknown if Asaf will return to the show, while most fans probably expect to see Devin back in a future season.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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