The Challenge’s Melissa Reeves blasts castmate for ‘creepy’ behavior toward Big T Fazakerley

melissa reeves face shot from the challenge battle for a new champion episode 7
The Challenge’s Melissa Reeves called out her Season 39 castmate’s “creepy” behavior. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge’s Melissa Reeves shared recent claims regarding their castmate from The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion and the “creepy” behavior he exhibited.

In a recent episode of MTV’s Season 39, viewers saw Corey Lay reveal to Melissa and her friend, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, that he’d been lying to them and pretending to be their friend and ally.

Corey made the revelation during the episode’s deliberation as he was trying to prove to others where his alliances were.

Melissa, Big T, and other castmates were shocked about how Corey told them. Melissa called it “humiliating,” while Big T said it was hurtful and avoided tears in a confessional interview.

Footage in the episode included a scene showing Corey gaining Big T’s trust by encouraging her to feel comfortable coming out on the show with her Challenge castmates as her family.

He still ended up going up for possible elimination at The Arena, and the fallout from his situation with Melissa and Big T has now continued online.

Melissa reveals castmate’s ‘creepy’ behavior toward her and Big T following Season 39 filming

A series of videos featuring Melissa speaking about Corey have circulated online in which she talks about how he acted toward her and Big T after they’d finished filming Season 39.

Based on her remarks, they’d tried to forgive Corey and were being nice to him, only for him to continually break their trust and go after them on social media.

“The whole f***ing Corey situation…Him tweeting screenshots. He tweeted a screenshot saying, ‘I’m glad y’all don’t hate me.’ He said that to me, not me saying that to him,” Melissa shared.

She then claimed their castmate Berna Canbeldek showed her a screenshot from an Instagram Live where he was “secretly taking pictures of [Big T] without her wig on.”

“It’s f***ing creepy as f**k,” Melissa said, as Big T is heard off-camera saying, “and posting it.”

Melissa said they had these conversations when she and Big T tried to be nice to Corey and forgive him because “everyone was being so mean” to him.

She said despite them forgiving him, Corey continued to go after them on social media and in the comments to the point they finally started to fire back.

“We’ve responded by going back at him, and now he’s tweeting as if we’re friends with him and we’re being mean,” Melissa shared.

“No, Corey, you’re grasping at f***ing straws. You’re a creepy, vile little basterd. Who the f**k takes pictures of people secretly? T didn’t even have a wig on. That’s horrible, you piece of s**t,” she said.

Monsters and Critics previously reported Big T said she unfollowed and blocked Corey due to what happened between them. According to Melissa’s recent rant, Corey blocked them both on social media.

Melissa and Big T say they won’t go to the Season 39 reunion if their castmate attends

The videos continued with Melissa and Big T claiming Corey had blocked them both on social media. They indicated he’s showing screenshots from conversations that were months ago when they were fine, but they’re not now.

“That was back when we were fine. Now we’re not fine, and guess what? We’re not going to the f***ing reunion if you’re there, OK?” Melissa said.

“Why would I come to the reunion if you’re there? Because you’re a creepy little weirdo,” she said, adding, “I don’t feel safe around you.”

Big T tweeted about Corey following the recent Season 39 episode, commenting, “This weirdo keeps coming for me and I forgive and forgive and forgive.”

screenshot of the challenge star big t fazakerley calling out season 39 castmate
A Big T tweet. Pic credit: @theogbig_t/Twitter

In another tweet, Big T called him out for sharing the photo he secretly took of her and his continued harassment of her. She even said she might take additional action against him if she could.

screenshot of the challenge 39 star big t tweeting about castmate taking secret photos
Another Big T tweet. Pic credit: @theogbig_t/Twitter

As of this writing, there has yet to be confirmation that a Season 39 reunion will occur, although there usually is a reunion after each of the main MTV Challenge seasons. So it’s currently unknown if, when, and where the reunion will occur.

Meanwhile, Big T, Melissa, and Corey are all still active in The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion heading into Episode 8 on MTV. One has to think things will become more dramatic in upcoming episodes now that they’ve learned Corey was lying to them as part of his gameplay.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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