The Challenge: Moriah Jadea shares more details about Johnny Bananas situation during Season 39

moriah jadea face shot from the challenge 39 episode 7 confessional interview
Moriah Jadea provided more details about her situation involving Johnny Bananas and Season 39’s showmance. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion brought back Moriah Jadea, one of many cast members who appeared in MTV’s Ride or Dies season.

She arrived at the previous season as Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat’s teammate and ended up in a showmance with one of the show’s biggest stars ever, Johnny Bananas.

They may have continued hanging out beyond their time on The Challenge, but based on details learned in Battle For a New Champion, they weren’t exclusive.

However, Moriah still felt she was hurting or embarrassing Bananas when she got involved with one of her Season 39 castmates, James Lock.

Their developing showmance was featured in several episodes of the MTV show, leading to interesting remarks when an MTV champion arrived for the Episode 7 elimination.

Following the episode’s airing, Moriah shared additional details about her situation with James and why she hadn’t contacted Bananas to tell him about what was happening.

The Challenge 38 champ appeared for Episode 7

Ride or Dies champion Devin Walker was the latest of the MTV champions to hit The Arena for an elimination event in Battle For a New Champion. He was the first of the mercenaries to pull the Chaos weapon at The Draw, which allowed him to call out any man for the elimination.

Devin indicated he knew most of the people he saw in the cast except for a few guys who were unfamiliar to him. While Devin was deciding on his opponent at The Arena, Michele Fitzgerald told him not to pick the guy she was in a showmance with, Callum Izzard.

Moriah then pointed toward James and told Devin not to choose him, but she quickly realized she said too much. A clip from the funny moment arrived online.

In a separate interview scene, Devin joked that he isn’t “Nostradamus” but felt pretty sure “Moriah is banging the giant man” and didn’t know what the “Banana man” would think.

However, he didn’t pick James for the elimination. Instead, Devin chose Callum as his opponent at The Arena for reasons that didn’t make it into the episode footage.

Moriah shares more details about the situation with Bananas

Following the airing of Episode 7, Moriah tweeted more about what happened with her situation involving the James showmance and how Bananas would find out.

“So someone on cast made a comment to Devin insinuating I was with James and I was so upset because I wanted to talk to Johnny myself and I knew if Devin found out he would obviously tell Johnny before I got too,” she said in one tweet.

screenshot of moriah jadea tweet about someone telling devin about her and james on the challenge 39
Moriah posts her thoughts. Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

Moriah didn’t drop any names regarding who from the cast “insinuated” about her and James’ showmance to Devin.

She also explained that although she wasn’t officially in a relationship with Bananas, she still felt bad about what was happening because it was against her morals.

“Little did I know about alot of things happening BEFORE I ever did anything,” she said in her tweet, possibly referring to Bananas’ situations with other women.

screenshot of moriah jadea tweet about the challenge 39 situation with james and bananas
Moriah responds to a fan. Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

In another reply to a fan on her tweets, she explained why she didn’t just call Bananas during the Season 39 filming to tell him what was up.

Based on Moriah’s explanation, she felt it would be recorded and used as additional footage for the show, and she didn’t want to do that to Bananas.

screenshot of tweet with moriah jadea explaning why she didnt call bananas during season 39
Moriah clears things up. Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

While it’s unknown who informed Devin about James and Moriah, viewers have already seen an exciting tease for when Devin’s Ride or Dies teammate, Tori Deal, arrives at The Arena for her elimination moment.

In a previous trailer, Tori seemingly calls out Moriah over what is happening, suggesting that Devin talked to Tori about it, and most likely, the information got back to Bananas.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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