The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas says he and House of Villains castmate are ‘more than friends’

johnny bananas and corinne olympios
The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas suggests he and House of Villains castmate Corinne Olympios are “more than friends.” Pic credit: @johnnybananas & @colympios/Instagram

Johnny Bananas recently shed light on his situation with House of Villains castmate amid speculation they’re dating.

The Challenge star appears on E! ‘s show along with nine other infamous reality television villains.

They include Omarosa Manigault Newman, Jonny Fairplay, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Anfisa Nava, and Corinne Olympios.

As the season began, the 41-year-old Bananas teased that he might have showmances with a few castmates.

In particular, a spotlight has been shining on his situation with Corinne, who formerly appeared on ABC’s The Bachelor and its spinoff.

The two have continued hanging out after filming, which has led to speculation that they could be dating.

Bananas says he and Corinne are ‘more than friends’

With Bananas and Corinne featured in several entertaining moments during House of Villains, there appears to be something there. Among the memorable scenes was that steamy hot tub scene, which Bananas spoke about.

“So, listen. Obviously, you can tell there’s definitely a lot of chemistry there. The sparks flew on House of Villains. I mean, the hot tub scene that they did is arguably one of the greatest edits in reality television history,” he told Hollywood Life.

As far as a relationship goes, in typical Bananas fashion, he called himself and Corinne “more than friends, less than lovers.”

That may have been a situation with a few other women he dated, including his The Challenge: Ride or Dies castmate, Moriah Jadea, months ago. However, he seems more invested in Corinne after meeting her on Villains.

“We’re so great together, we work so great together, we have such a good time,” he also told the publication of his situation with Corinne.

The Challenge star was recently linked to another reality TV star, Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard, as the two reportedly spent her canceled wedding day together on a date.

Based on that, Bananas might be exploring his options, although it’s undeniable that he and Corinne have chemistry. He even called her “one of my favorite human beings I’ve ever met” in his chat with Hollywood Life.

Bananas says they’re ‘taking it slow’ right now

In addition to a potential showmance being presented on House of Villains, Corinne and Bananas have been hanging out together since filming.

As Hollywood Life indicated, they were engaging in major PDA during the opening of Bananas’ Rumble Boxing gym in East Boca Raton, Florida. Additionally, they’ve hung out together at a Halloween event.

More recently, Corinne shared Instagram pics and videos featuring her and Bananas wearing matching House of Villains t-shirts. The two are seated on a bed together for several photos, with one showing Bananas leaning in close to Corinne.

A final slide showed Bananas and Corinne together to record a recent episode of The Challenge star’s Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast. The duo talked briefly about how fans wanted to know if they were dating.

In an Instagram Story clip on Monday, Corinne showed Bananas in the room with her. After Corinne mentioned the shirts, he walked over to show his shirt off and joked around a bit for the video.

“Woah @JohnnyBananas in the Villain Era Tee,” Corinne wrote and included a link to purchase them.

johnny bananas with house of villains castmate corinne olympios
Johnny Bananas with Corinne Olympios in November 2023. Pic credit: @colympios/Instagram

Despite all that, they’re not officially dating, but it hasn’t shut the door on that potentially happening.

“So, right now, we’re just kind of, you know, enjoying each other’s company, taking things slow, you know, we’re, obviously still really close,” he said.

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